Laser hair reduction is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. People who want to save time and avoid shaving or waxing can opt for this alternative. This method is very safe and can target specific hairs. It also avoids awkward in-between stages.  You can get the best clinics for laser hair removal in London.

Preparation and the initial steps

It is crucial to find a board certified doctor in a specific field such as plastic surgery. Your medical history will be reviewed by your doctor to determine if laser hair removal is an option. It is important that you avoid waxing and plucking hairs before you begin laser hair removal. These activities temporarily remove hair roots and follicles. Laser treatment can target them. Because it cuts hairs, but does not damage hair follicles, you can shave. You can shave in 24 hours to allow the laser more time to locate hair follicles.

What to expect during the procedure

You may be able receive a topical anesthetic prior to the laser treatment. This will reduce any discomfort. The application should be done between 20 and 30 minutes prior to the laser treatment. This is particularly recommended for sensitive areas like the underarm and bikini line. Eye protection is often provided. You can adjust the settings of laser equipment to match your skin’s thickness, location, or colour. A special cooling device or cold gel can be used to protect the skin’s outer layers. Laser treatment can cause discomfort by emitting pulses light into the area. It can feel similar to a rubber band pressing against the skin or a pinprick.

The first treatment is often more intense than subsequent ones. The laser procedure may take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the area being treated. To ease discomfort, you might be given lotion, anti-inflammatory cream, or ice packs following the procedure.

After the procedure and recovery

After a few hours, it is normal for the skin to become redder or warmer. This may feel similar to a mild sunburn. Cold compresses and moisturizing creams are options. After treatment, you can still apply makeup. You should apply sunscreen to sun-exposed skin within the next month. Avoid direct sunlight.


Lasers can cause hair follicle damage and may take several days, if not weeks, for them to shed completely. Hair cannot be shaved immediately, but it can appear to be growing. The results of hair removal can vary depending upon many factors, including hair density, hair thickness, location, and hair color. Laser hair removal may slow hair growth for as long as one year. However, it is not permanent. Laser hair removal can last longer than waxing and shaving. To target different stages in hair growth, multiple sessions are required. You should space these sessions every 4-6 weeks. For long-term results, you may need to schedule maintenance sessions every year.

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