Corporate photography has its own corner of the photography business. It is a very specific and very important source of income for certain high-end photography studios. Businesses of all sizes have some photographic needs that require specialized attention. It is a wholly different arena than something like artistic photography or wedding photography.

Corporations have certain images they need for their brands and spend loads of money every year to get them. Some of those things include corporate headshots and annual report photography. Corporate headshots are used by companies to create images of employees, managers, CEOs, board members, and other team members. It is a way for companies to convey who they are and what they are about. Photography for annual corporate reports is slightly more nuanced. Below are some of the ins and outs of corporate shoots and what they mean for a company.


On-Location Photo Shoots


Corporate headshots are usually straightforward. A professional photography studio will get the background and lighting on point and make you look your best. Sometimes a company will want to try something different. Maybe they want to convey a more laid-back approach for their company. That is when they might turn a series of corporate headshots into an on-location photoshoot.

A company may want to showcase its talent around the office. Or they might even want to convey that their brand is casual and fun. A great way to do that is to capture that fun-loving vibe around the office. A professional photographer will come in and capture the team in action. Instead of staid, plain headshots, a company can convey that its brand is about something more collaborative and fun. An on-location photoshoot might also capture action shots that could be used in the annual report.


Why Annual Report Photography Matters                                                                          


If you work in corporate America, you know the importance of a company’s annual report. If you don’t work in a corporation, an annual report is one of the most important documents that a publicly traded company will produce. These reports are crucial in communicating what the company has done fiscally in the year and what their vision for the future might be. As you might expect, companies want these reports to look amazing.

Corporations will spend a lot of money on the production of their annual reports. Annual report photography is a crucial component of these big-budget productions. Companies want the best corporate photographers to catch dynamic images of their company in action. The hope is that action shots will capture the business’s vital functions to convey the strength and success of that corporate year.

Corporate photography studios that understand the importance of the annual report stand to make a lot of money. If they can partner with firms that trust their work, the studio could have a built-in client base. That client base will want a brand new, high-end set of photos every year. Beyond one-off jobs like corporate headshots, annual reports are a golden goose for corporate photography studios.



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