You guess it right. Safina’s second son’s name is revealed out. The name of the first child is revealed within a couple of days. And the photo of Taimur was also shown the next day itself to the media. But then after there was a lot of hassle with the name. So now both of them have decided to disclose their second child’s name after some time. The second child was born on 21st February. So now the wait is over as almost after four months they have not only disclosed his name but also shown his first look. The name is Jeh which is the official name disclosed in the documents and the confirmation is given by both.

Kareena Kapoor has given the statement saying many names were discussed earlier. At last, agreed by all family members, they have decided on this name. She further disclosed that the name of her child i.e. Jeh is also considered for ‘Mansoor’ after Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi is his grandfather and is the father of Saif Ali Khan and also the Cricket legend.

The first time Kareena Kapoor became a mother was in 2016 December and she kept the name Taimur for her Son. Tim is the nicked named called at home by his parents.

A few days back Kareena Kapoor has launched the book named Pregnancy Bible in which she has shared her experiences of the full journey of pregnancy. All the bad as well as good days during her pregnancy. And in her book, she has revealed the first look of her little one. And the picture goes viral very soon. In the picture, she is kissing her son on his forehead. The picture clearly states that the younger brother looks as cute as his elder brother.

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