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Design your custom vape boxes elegantly to catch the market views. There are so many companies out there that showcase their vapes in elegant boxes. So, the competition is tough. You have to design your boxes elegantly so they can look outstanding on market shelves. 

The following are some of the advanced techniques which you can follow to have awesome vape boxes:

1.  Break the mold

Vape products are produced by many other people as well within the market, so, try to make your boxes innovative and display them elegantly.

You can go for innovative packaging styles. For instance, for encasing your vape products sleeve boxes are perfect. Just add the option of the die-cut window on your sleeve vape boxes and now they are perfect to be displayed.

The window cut feature makes people see your inside placed vape product and this kind of box attracts the onlookers from a great distance.

2.  Utilize stylization

Don’t resist making your illustrations or graphics realistic. However, if you want to stylize your images for the vapes and utilize it as a textural element then go for it. You can also create a vape illustration background on the product.

For instance, you can create smoking or vape mod patterns all over the background. However, at the first glance, you don’t know what the pattern is creating but as you explore the box more you realize it has been all the small vape illustration patterns inscribed on the box

3.  Don’t limit yourself

As vape products are becoming famous nowadays, so just don’t limit yourself to only basic designing ideas. However, for your Custom vape pen packaging go for adopting folding actions. However, the folding action styles within the packaging make it more special and interesting. So, instead of using regular boxes go opt for folding boxes as they look more elegant and attractive for encasing your vapes.

4.  Be Modern

The modern, sleek and simple designs will make your vape cartridge packaging Boxes stand out in the market elegantly. Try to utilize the following aspects in your design:

– Clean Lines

– Simple Colors

– Sans Serif Fonts

All of these above aspects will give your boxes a modern look.

Nowadays, the packaging has taken a modern approach and looks even more modern by adopting a gender-neutral approach. 

However, the modern design stands out with clean lines and thematic colors. 

5.  Focus on Texture

Instead of using texture visually try to use it physically. However, people will be physically touching your box so add a nice texture to your custom vape packaging. The physical texture will appeal to customers’ sense of touch. 

Not only does it help you keep a firm grip, but it adds an interesting sensation to your customer’s hands.

6.  Tell a story 

You can tell a story with your custom vape boxes. Like this, you can give yourself a huge favor. However, people love stories, and they love uncovering information.

Like this, you can tell a unique story of your vape brand’s success, pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0