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There are a lot of unlicensed house clearance companies and Face book fly-tippers out there. It can sometimes be firm to know which companies are genuinely professional and which are not.

That is why we are dedicating this week’s piece of writing to assist you understanding what to look for in a specialized house clearance team. New to having to clear your home?

 Never complete this before? Not sure what to seem for in a house clearance team?  We are telling you what you can wait for from us, Clear the lot House Clearance, as a g  old standard.

1: A friendly service

Welcome to clear the lot a company with years of experience in all types of clearances in London, our staff is very experienced, they are never phased by any jobs we do and they are polite friendly hardworking and understanding. 

house clearance
There are seven things to expect from your house clearance team

We clear houses that are simple, and to the most great conditions, as well as clearing offices and warehouses. We always do our very best to make the entire process as simple and hassle-free for our clients.

We by no means leave the property awaiting the client is 100% happy with our work. We are an truthful family run company that needs to acquire stronger, not by advertising but by the word of our clients. We present you a professional London house clearance service at affordable prices.

 Please provide us a ring and learn how we can assist with your clearance still if you just need some advice we are happy to help.

 As one of the leading restricted businesses in London, We believe that all of our customers are commendable of the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

 Explore the relax of our site to study more about what our house clearance in London service has to offer, please get in touch with any questions. Clear the lot is committed to exceeding your wants.

We value all and every one of our customers. You can expect a temperate, friendly, real team who are a happiness to work with. We are genuine, warm, and dependable and will put your mind at easiness.

house clearance
There are seven things to expect from your house clearance team

Clear the lot has always been dedicated to eco-sustainability, but now we have the qualifications to prove that we provide a 100% environmentally friendly waste collection and recycling service, serving businesses, homes, and work sites all across London.

With clear the lot, not only can you make sure the best waste collection services obtainable, but you can arrange of just about anything and make sure that your landfill contributions are not going up.

It does not matter what you have to clear, we will take it off your hands, so you can say goodbye to surplus substance without having to raise a single finger.

We are not just accountable, we are also cautious. We’ll make sure no injure to both the goods that we are moving and to your possessions so that, where possible, we can re-home or use again unwanted items.

If not, we will find a way to reprocess them. Either way, you can make sure that no landfill will engage in your home clearance service.

2. A personal service

We be grateful for that no 2 individuals are the alike. The same can be said for house clearances. We give a unique, person-centered move toward to all house clearance projects.

The project is focused around the wants of you and this will shape the base plan of how we behavior the project.

We work on small to large house clearances, end of rental clearances, deceased estates, hoarders’ properties, garden or garage clearances, nursing home clearance and more.

 This hopefully gives you the self-assurance that we are equipped with the house clearance and personal skills to whole your project to go beyond your expectations.

3. Fully licensed

This is one of the most important points. We have written before about the risks of using an unlicensed house clearance company. If your belongings are fly-tipped and there is certification that leads back to you.

house clearance
There are seven things to expect from your house clearance team

Insured again, this is an important one. A professional house clearance company should have community accountability insurance.

This will protect them (and you) against any accidents or harm during the project. All your substance are sorted at our ability, to make sure all substance are reused or likely of in the most recyclable way

We are refocusing about half of our large household substance collected (beds, settees, dining furniture etc). If items are still working, we will take time to find the people who require them. Let’s make sure we do not waste without cause.

If you need it removed, we can help. Always tailoring our services to make sure we reduce waste to landfill and costs to you.

Please look at our reviews and get in touch, if you have any questions about the best way to remove your mess or waste. Without it going to waste.

5. Proper disposal of waste or ethical values

We always make sure that we do more than our small piece for the environment. After this, we use our relationships with a variety of charities, recyclers, up cyclers and scrap yards to make sure the evasion of landfill.

That’s our ethos. We just cannot think like this anymore. The force we are putting on the environment with our current removal methods is quite factually killing the planet.

 From the micro plastics we are now all ingesting on a normal basis to the failure to use again completely good resources, there is abundance of evidence that we require finding a new method.

 Hough these moral principles may appear to make difficult waste management systems, the realism is that with some more innovative thinking, they really make the waste management process much simpler. Ethical waste management is the challenge we are taking on at clear the lot.

6. Uniformed staff

A lot can be said for a efficiently decent team. Our team always looks elegant, reliable and is proud to wear their consistent.

The uniform ensures that all employees are equivalent and equipped to take on their job to the highest standard. As clearance experts, we give a professional house clearance service.

 Our friendly uniformed staff will turn up at the agreed time and take out the work graciously, rapidly and professionally, with the smallest amount excitement or disturbance for neighbors.

house clearance
There are seven things to expect from your house clearance team

Our service is simple and hassle-free, saving you all of the worry and pressure about how to clear the property. We are of good reputation, dependable and fully insured against third party risks.

7. Not just a man with a van

We think the most important thing to be familiar with when you are hiring a professional house clearance company is that we are not just a ‘man with a van’.

We are an ultra-professional service, with years of experience, which very much conceit ourselves on the personalized experience we are clever to provide to every single customer.

We are not just there for the removal; we’re there for the early assessment or quote, segmentation, removal of substance and everything in between providing many solutions inside and out of your property. We cater for household and commercial clients across London, Surrey and within the M25 orbital zone. We are the best company to hire for a Garden Clearance.

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