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The attempt to move your souvenirs and costly belongings safely is usually one of the most challenging aspects of moving. There’s no doubt that the stress of ensuring the safety of these priceless items is one of the most difficult aspects of the entire procedure.

While you may be tempted to simply bring everything that fits in your car/pickup truck cab (clothing, personal items, technological devices, and so on), keep in mind that the vast majority of your belongings are at risk of being compromised or lost during a professional move.

Furthermore, choosing a standard moving package offered by many professional movers in Brisbane will almost always result in you receiving “basic liability” insurance, which covers your belongings (with additional coverage normally offered at a supplementary expense.)

With your belongings secured in the event of loss or damage, you’ll likely only want to devote special attention to items that are irreplaceable or precious, such as rare family heirlooms. The following guide will seek to provide you advice on what items you should bring with you for your own peace of mind. Making a list of irreplaceable items to keep on your person throughout the move can give you peace of mind and spare you a lot of stress on moving day:


It’s safe to assume that all truly irreplaceable belongings in your possession should be kept in close proximity, if possible, during your transfer. When it comes to charms, lockets, and other little items, this is usually not a tough task. However, many movers may encounter old furniture as well as other significant objects that are on the larger or heavier end of the spectrum.

If you have a valuable item that is simply too huge to carry with you during your relocation, “maximum value” protection (or a similar mover’s insurance coverage) is likely to be your best option.

Also, make sure to alert the movers to any items of high value or fragile quality so that they may provide the required accommodations.


There’s a strong possibility you belong to one of the many families with a large collection of images. Despite the fact that more people are going digital with their photographs, a large number of people still use physical photo albums.

Baby images, graduation portraits, and other important physical shots could be included. As you prepare for your relocation, consider which images in your collection are most important to you right now, and consider carefully packing them into a medium-sized suitcase or the like to transport them.

Personal belongings

While travelling light can be beneficial, there are several items you’ll want to make sure stay with you in any move.

Documentation/paperwork, legal documents, property deeds, automobile registration, and identification verifications, such as social security cards and licences, are examples. You don’t want to arrive in your new location without the information you need to start your new project if your schedule is messed up! Along with the essentials like your driver’s ID and credit cards, make sure to maintain these items on hand at all times to avoid them going misplaced during your frantic shuffle.

When is the greatest time to throw a housewarming party?

Many individuals are unsure whether a housewarming party should be held while the property is still empty to show off its beautiful basic design or after everything has been unloaded and equipped. Although a “Empty House Gathering” might be thrown early in the move-in process, this is normally a trend designated for young people and visitors who want to sit on the floor and don’t have much furniture to begin with.

How to Decorate a Housewarming Party?

Housewarming parties are perhaps the most low-key type of party you can throw. Banners, balloons, and crepe paper party streamers are common decorations at birthday parties. A tree, tinsel, wrapped presents, and candles are all present during Christmas gatherings.

Even anniversary celebrations usually have a romantic tone. A housewarming party, on the other hand, is intended to promote one thing: your home.

Allowing yourself to adorn your house with joy is the best approach to decorate for a housewarming party. Set out your favourite throw cushions and blankets, hang framed artwork that you like, decorate the side tables, and hang curtains. Use this as an excuse to devote to decorating your new home rather than leaving the walls and surfaces unadorned.

Who Should You Invite?

Then there’s the guest list. It all depends on who you know in the area.

If you’re doing a housewarming in your hometown, relatives and friends are the obvious guests to invite because they’ll want to see it. Housewarmings, on the other hand, are a terrific opportunity to invite coworkers and friendly acquaintances to a simple gathering in your home, especially if you’re far away from personal connections.

If you don’t know anyone at this point, why not invite some of your neighbours? The truth is that inviting neighbours to a housewarming party is always a good idea. If you invite others on your street or in your condo building to an informal afternoon or evening at your new home, they will feel welcomed and may quickly become new friends.

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