Villas for rent

Apart from knowing the process to put up a property for rent in Abu Dhabi, there’s a lot to do if you want your villa to be rented out quickly and at good rates.

The villa market in the capital city has become quite competitive over the last couple of years. Even though the pandemic slowed things down, it also triggered a shift in demand. Apartment residents started looking for bigger houses; thus, the demand for villas for rent witnessed a surge.

To leverage this situation, you need to have your villa ready in a state that it’s liked by the potential tenants and can produce a high ROI for you. Let’s find out how you can do this:

Improve the Curb Appeal

Put yourself in the tenant’s shoes and think about what is going to be the first thing you will notice about a home. It’s undoubtedly going to be the exterior. That’s going to catch the attention of any visitor. So, if you want to gain their maximum attention, improve the curb appeal of your home. Make sure the lawn is in mint condition. Also, exterior paint should be fresh and welcoming. Your main door should be in a good state as well. If there’s outdoor furniture placed in your lawn, it should be properly cleaned and polished. Read more about blue world city location.

Collectively, all these things will help a great deal to ensure visitors have a good first impression of your villa.

Villas for rent


No one likes a messy, uncleaned home. It severely impacts the appeal and value of your home. And not to forget, causes a bad impression on the potential tenants. Therefore, before putting your villa up for viewing, declutter and organise it properly. Removing any and all items that do not serve any purpose. The ideal scenario is to donate them (if they are in a working state). However, if you believe you can use them in the near future, consider putting them in the storage room.


When a person views a new property to buy or rent it, they like to visualise it as their new abode. They imagine themselves living there. That’s how an opinion of selecting the particular property is formed. However, the biggest obstacle in doing so is your personal items. When you have a personalised home as per your likings, it will be tough for the potential tenants to visualise themselves there. After all, not everyone shares the same taste and likes as you.

So, before putting your villa up for rent, consider depersonalising it. Remove those big family photo frames or any other item that can put the tenant off. Doing this will help to create a blank canvas for tenants, which they can paint the way they like.

Repair and Overhaul

It can be a real bummer for a potential tenant if there are faulty faucets, broken cabinets, inoperable windows, etc. So, inspect your home and ensure there’s no repair work is required. Pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen. If it’s required, give it a fresh coat of paint to improve its appeal.

Pay Attention to Available Amenities

Villas are known for the modern lifestyle they offer. And this lifestyle is defined by the availability of state-of-the-art amenities. So, consider upgrading your villa if there aren’t enough amenities and facilities available for tenants. This will improve the rental value of your villa, which will make it a great source of earning a passive income.

Offer a Furnished Villa

Moving to a new home is nothing less than a challenging feat. Even though there are many moving companies in Abu Dhabi to help you, there’s still a lot of hassle involved. And this is mostly due to packing and shifting bigger items, such as appliances, furniture, etc. However, when you offer a furnished villa, you take out the hassle of moving for tenants. They will just have to bring their personal belongings and shift to your home. It’s as simple as that.

Having said that, all the items included in a furnished villa must be mentioned in the tenancy contract. This can help save conflicts at the time when tenants have to leave the property.

We hope that by following the aforementioned practices you will be able to list your property among the best villas for rent in Abu Dhabi and earn a high ROI from it.

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