A manual for proprietors of gift shops. Since we’re being honest, choosing which things to buy in bulk and stock your gift shop with is crucial. Consumers are paying more attention to their purchases and how they affect the environment. Something you should take into account this Christmas when purchasing candles in quantity.


Why candles for your gift shop

Customers frequently choose candles in bulk at Christmas because of the chilly weather and strong desire for coziness. not only as gifts for their friends and family but also for themselves. For certain brands, the sale of candles has increased by more than 100% in the last year. Particularly when considering candles with more eco-friendly characteristics.   


Why eco-friendly candles?

Not just in the fashion industry, conscious consumerism is on the increase. everything, including house decor and conscientious food consumption. Choosing home fragrance products with an eco-conscious structure and philosophy can help you attract these customers when you stock your gift shop. It’s time to support sustainable products and live what you preach. It’s time to look for eco-friendly wholesale candle vendors.


The following are things to watch out for when purchasing candles in large quantities for your sustainable gift shop.


Soy Wax-based candles made from premium vegan components

Paraffin wax, a cheap alternative made from petroleum (a crude oil) as a byproduct of the production of gasoline, is a common ingredient in candles. It is technically vegan, but it is most definitely not eco-friendly. Crude oil is not only a non-renewable resource, but it has also contributed to climate change and caused some environmental catastrophes. Simply put, costs mirror consequences, thus we don’t want to be stocking up on paraffin wax candles!


Here at Selfmade Candle, we only use natural, vegetable-based Soy Wax, which is renewable and biodegradable (soybeans). This not only aids the environment, but it also offers many wonderful advantages for your candles. Soy candles burn more slowly, last longer, and don’t produce the soot or toxins that come from burning paraffin wax. Our candles offer your clients a delightful scent-flinging experience that makes buying in bulk worthwhile thanks to a cleaner burn.


High-quality scented candles made with essential oils

Many candles flavor their wax with aroma oils. We only employ Essential at Selfmade Candle, which is produced by pressing or boiling various plant materials, such as bark, fruits, or flowers. These oils can also be applied in aromatherapy as a form of treatment to enhance physical and psychological health. Not only do our scented candles smell beautiful, but they also make you feel amazing.


For instance, our Breezy candle features a lovely blend of lavender & vanilla essential oils. Lavender is well renowned for its calming effects, capacity to lessen anxiety, and capacity to encourage a restful night’s sleep. On the other hand, the vanilla essential oil is a potent antioxidant with several health advantages, including the reduction of PMS symptoms like bloating and lethargy.

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