Kids Games to learn English is a vibrant and fun game that is interactive and enjoyable for toddlers and children to master English in a fun and enjoyable method. The games for kids teach English to your child in a fun and engaging way using animations of characters, the alphabet, and letters. The bright and vibrant graphics of the app to learn English can draw your child’s attention to learning in a fun manner.

One of the most effective ways to master English is by playing games that entice and capture the child’s attention.Teach the fundamental english language including the alphabets abcd learning numbers, their names and alphabets as well as the names of weeks, months and seasons. names, and build your child’s vocabulary and fluency in the language, forming an excellent foundation for the learning.

English vocabulary games are interactive and include a user-friendly Interface and user experience. It’s really easy to use the app, making it enjoyable for children to use. Install and download it. You can download the Kids Games to Learn English app from the Google app store.

Start the app and an attractive scene from an event will be shown.

The choices in the app are presented as stands at fairs, and each stall has its own distinctive identity that defines its purpose. Select the English stall to learn to master English names. There are other options to pick from like countries names dry fruit name, sport names and so on. Choose the fun stall for games for a fun time playing games and learn about different aspects through games.

In this foundational vocabulary kids games app, your child will learn:

English alphabets: Help your child to recognize the alphabet from A-Z and the pronunciation of the alphabets using the abcd alphabets learning app.

Names of numbers: Teach your child to identify different numbers between 1 and 20, and also the spellings and names of the numbers.

Month names: Teach to your child regarding their names for the different months of the year, along with its pronunciation and spellings by using the Month names learning app.

Names of the week Learn the names of weeks and their pronunciation using the weekdays enjoyable apps for learning basic English.

Names of countries: Educate your child about the names of various countries like India, United States of America, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Spain, China, Russia, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Thailand, Turkey and Philippines. You can also help them recognize the flags of these nations along the spelling and names of these countries.

Dry fruits names: Help your child to learn and understanding various names, names, and pronunciation of various dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, apricots dried dates dry figs and pistachios and pistachios. raisins, and saffron.

Names of sports: Teach your child to know the names of various sports activities like cricket, bowling, pool football, weight lifting, basketball, table tennis, golf, tennis, baseball hockey, volleyball badminton, boxing, and swimming and their pronunciation.

Names of musical instruments: Guide your child to know how to spell the name and names of various musical instruments, such as bell, cowbell, drum as well as euphonium and cymbal. drum, xylophone accordion guitar, flute, piano, violin trumpet, banjo, and maracas.

Computers components names: Educate your child with what are the fundamental components of a computer , including usb drive, speaker, internet camera, cables disc-drive, floppy drive, hard disk, headphones, keyboard and mouse. Monitor, printer processor, router, and scanners to motherboards, smps and RAM.

Names for stationery at school Your child should learn the spellings and pronunciations of various school stationery items like book, ruler pencil, stapler glitter, whitener document holders, paper clips, bags for school pen, pencil case pencil, eraser, scissors glue, and notebook.

Season names: Provide information about the different names of seasons, including spring monsoon, summer autumn, winter and autumn to your child in addition to its pronunciation and spelling.

Names for occupations: Encourage your child on the different professions’ names including hairdresser, gardener, mechanic carpenter, tailor postman, fireman farmer, police nurse, teacher, pilot journalist, soldier, chef to judge, lawyer doctor, astronaut, engineer and scientist.

Body parts with names Learn the names of the various body parts, such as legs, arms, hand and stomach. the chin, elbow, and ear teeth, eyebrows mouth, forehead hair eye, cheek, neck shoulder, nail tongue, knee, foot, lips, nose , and the head to your child.

Directions’ names: Ask your child to determine the different directions as well as their names. They should be taught the spellings and pronunciations of the fundamental directions of north, west east, south and west.

Your child might also be taught to recognize the names, spellings, and pronunciation of various foods, vegetables, fruits clothing flowers, cars birds, animals, shapes and colors with the help of fun learning English children’s games.

Interactive games for learning english can benefit children in many ways:

English vocabulary apps help your child understand precise and accurate pronunciation of words as well as to improve their English pronunciation. It also provides them with a variety of words and expands their vocabulary.

Basic English game of language can be played without prior understanding of the language which makes it suitable for preschoolers and toddlers. Instructing children about the basics of English phrases in their beginning years could assist them in developing and establish a solid base for learning more about language.

Alphabet’s phonics sounds app will clear your child’s speech child, and lets them discover phonics while enjoying the variety of sounds and phonics in the game.

The Speak Basic English games improve the pronunciation and spelling skills of your child through repeatedly looking at the spellings of words, and listening to their sounds. Your child can learn with the use of sounds and images, and remain entertained with this application.

Learn english games for kids also includes a variety of fun learning games, along with English learning activities. The games like the color sorting game, shapes sorts sizes sorting discover things, maths fun and fun with fireworks allow your child to be engaged in learning while having fun.

Basic English Vocabulary Game allows your child learn simple english phrases in a playful and fun manner. It can also help your child develop their motor skills, listening skills social skills , and memory. It also gives you better parental control over certain features, so that your child can concentrate on playing and learning.

The child will enjoy playing different learning games, and also have fun and will increase his confidence and help him feel appreciated and loved. The phonics game that is active listening could strengthen your bond to your kid. Spend time with your child and help make learning English more enjoyable and enjoyable with the English app that is basic.

Enhance the English speaking abilities in your child and create an excellent foundation of English learning with the phonics games application. Download your Kid Games for Learning English app to get diverse learning games as with fun and simple English learning in one place.

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