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No longer are people required to wear a three-piece suit, or a gorgeous dress to board a plane for a holiday. It’s all about being comfortable while traveling in style. Imagine yourself stuck on a plane or in a car for eight hours with no shoes and uncomfortable clothes. There are many fashionable options available for travel clothes. These are my top tips for creating a style that is both stylish and comfortable.

Carry Layers if Travelling to Colder Location

Layering is essential when traveling between different climates. Layers are important for any trip, even cross-country. You should always have an extra layer so you are ready to go in cold airports or on warm buses.

Color Blocking

Monochromatic style is a part of the hipster aesthetic. But imagine going through your bag looking for your passport or wallet and everything else inside. This could cost you precious time and even cause you to miss your flight. It’s time to make a statement and experiment with color blocking. You can make your passport holder or travel wallet stand out in different colors. You can always spot which bag it is by using brightly colored luggage tags.

Comfortable Footwear

Although you might appear glamorous walking through airports in heels or branded slides, once you get on the plane you will be taking your shoes off and your feet will freeze for the duration of the flight. Warm socks are a good way to keep your feet warm.

Keep Minimum Makeup & Carry Lightweight Jewellery

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You don’t have to be glam for the flight. Keep your makeup simple when traveling in style. Your skin will dry out from the air conditioning on planes, and your lipstick and eyeliner will likely leave you with dry lips and raccoon eyes upon landing. Lip balm and chapstick are all you need to prevent your lips from cracking. You can also apply it to your cheeks to give your skin a glow at the end of your trip. A tinted moisturizer is a good option if you don’t want to use foundation. Glam up your travel look with lightweight fashion jewellery to be comfortable during the entire journey.

Bring a Hoodie or a Jacket

Even if you are going somewhere warm, it is easy to get a cold at airports or on planes. They are heavily air-conditioned. There is nothing worse than being sick while on holiday. For fashionable travel clothing, a lightweight jacket or hoodie with a warm lining is essential. It will not only enhance your look but will also make you comfortable while traveling.

Carry a Large Backpack

While a stylish clutch or crossbody bum bag may look great with your fashionable travel clothes, it will not be able to hold all the essentials you need while in transit. It will be pointless to bring another bag to the airport. This can also make it difficult to track your belongings. A large bag or backpack that holds all your belongings can make it easy to travel. You’ll also be a good plane passenger if you only bring one bag.

backpack for travel


To keep your feet comfortable, leave your sandals behind in your suitcase and wear flats while you travel. You won’t be dragging your feet from one terminal to another in a painful and uncomfortable pair of heels. Converse or Vans will give you the relaxed, yet stylish look that is perfect for traveling.

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