Horror is one of the growing genres in eBooks, and people are writing extravagant scariest novels of the time to trigger humans and their fear instinct. If you also want to write the best horror story, then there are some tips for you.

The Fear Factor

The most important part of every horror story is the natural going fear factor. People don’t want t hear stories for easy entertainment. They read it to be terrorized. Here are a few elements to use to write the sacra scenes.

Instinctive Fears: Some biological foundations are often potent in horror, such as the darkness, heights, spiders, or snakes. These extreme phobias are common rooted instincts that can trigger instinctive fear.

Supernatural Or Monsters: vampires, werewolves, or ghosts are not real but they can shake humans from their core. You can use the monster or any supernatural elements in the book.

Social Tensions: Social concerns can also be used in a horror book. A stigma can trigger emotions of fear in the readers.

Expert Ghost Book Writers have said that the main focus in a story is an object or subject that surrounds the horror in itself, such as haunted palaces, monsters in a city, or sinister humans.

Select The Subgenre

To get the most out of your story, you have to figure out what kind of horror story you want. there are some subgenres of horror novels.

Thriller horror target the psychological fear that occurs near the beginning of the story. Gross-out horror incorporates vivid descriptions of hacked-up flesh, gouged-out eyes or other organs, spurting blood, and more. Classic horror is back to the gothic that has bone-chilling characters within spooky settings. Terror is a feeling provoked by all-pervasive dread, it serves at the climax or is sustained throughout the story.

You can combine the subgenre, especially when the story is progressing. You can begin with a thriller and move to the gothic. It will culminate the utter terror.

Let The Reader Experience Stakes

If you want the readers to truly thrill at your story, you have to make aware of the stakes. Establish the main problem of the characters and what they can lose if they don’t figure it out.

The stakes can involve;


It is the basic aim of characters in any horror story. You can twist and turn it like their objective is not to stay alive but also to kill the monsters.

Protecting Their Loved Ones Once

Protecting loved ones is another way to keep the stakes high. The death threat to the loved one of the main characters and their survival.

Cracking Mystery

Another objective can be to solve the unresolved mystery but with a touch of horror.

These stakes are popular, but if you want to come up with your idea, it will be great to add a new touch to your book.

Create Suspense

In every mystery or horror book, there should be a kinship between readers and the main character.  They must feel their heart beat faster when the stakes are high for the main character. This can only be achieved if you know how to create suspense. You have to present their limited point of view and unfold the mystery one by one throughout the story.

It doesn’t mean you have to frag the story to keep everything for the climax. The best book is that, which is written in a way to give a single puzzle at a time. And by the time the story end, there should be only one piece has to left to solve the puzzle.

Plot Twist

Some stories are so basic. The reader knows from the start what is going to happen, and this book will be a flop. The plot twist must have to exciting, and memorable and should help in bringing the previous uncertainty into focus by releasing the tension. And it can only do by revealing the truth. The plot twist is important for every story, especially the horror ones. You can connect the background events with the main events, as sudden death, and unexpected turns are best to give the audience a sudden spark in the book. Spoiler ahead, for example, the character of Claire in Haunting Adeline was described as an abused woman, but she turned out to be an antagonist.

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