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Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Research Labs In The World

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence helps to identify the letters and faces from the images and is used on daily basis by people for the translation system and automation. It simulates the intelligent behavior of humans in computer machines which are programmed to perform the tasks and think like human reasoning, their capabilities, and also mimic their actions. Thereby it helps in problem-solving and learning as it associates with the human mind. To achieve the specific goal artificial intelligence plays an important role as it can rationalize and take actions.

A subset of artificial intelligence refers to the concept that computer programs can automatically learn and adapt to new data without being assisted by humans. Today machine learning, chatbots and digital assistants are the different forms of AI used by many others.

The top 20 AI Research Labs are hereby which are leading in research development and technologies:

1: The Alan Turing Institute:

In the year 2015, the Alan Turing Institute was created as the artificial intelligence and data science national institute headquartered in the British Library, London. It added to its remit in the year 2017 with the recommendation of the government. UK became the best place for AI research, business, and collaboration with the help of this institute with the comprising of UK physical science research council and 13 universities. Even for the police forces this institute focuses on predictive purpose and data analytics.

2: Laboratory of Imaging, Vision and Artificial Intelligence:

Graduates students, associate members, and several professors bring together by the LIVIA which is one of the research groups that is accredited by ETS. Its main focuses around the interpretation of videos and images and the key foundation of the large-scale analysis. It’s mainly built on six main applications like computer vision, adaptive and intelligent systems, information fusion, machine learning, and optimization of complex systems.

3: J.P. Morgan AI Research Lab: Oxford Machine Learning Research Group:

The local faculty mainly leads this group of researchers at Oxford University. This group makes use of statistics to handle the uncertainty and information in a variety of the team is mainly based in New York. It has key hubs worldwide research fields like animal husbandry, autonomous intelligent systems, public health, and so on. It is the sub-group in the Department of Engineering science of Oxford University.

This research is expert in the area of financial services and the research pillars. The main aim of this research program is to have advanced research in the field of Machine learning like Cryptography, which is more helpful to the businesses and clients of the firms.

4: Elkanlo Research Labs:

This Research lab is founded in 2017 at Cochin, in Kerala, India. It is developed to solve real-world problems. This AI research Lab is mainly used in various industry problem solutions. It has three major services which include Advanced Data Analytics solutions, Business Automation solutions, and Chatbot development which is powered by Machine learning, and NLP solutions.

5: MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory:

For computer science and AI, this Institution is having the largest campus Laboratory. This group is further divided into several areas of research which include distributed systems, networks, theory of computations, software engineering, and Robotics and systems. Many professors or scientist organized several semi-autonomous research groups which are handled by many professors or research scientists.

6: UTCS AI- Lab – University of Texas:

This Lab investigates the challenges of knowledge representation and reasoning, the challenge faced in machine cognition and robotics. In the core area of AI, this Lab has expanded into seven faculties. In this department, there is numerous staff for the research, a dozen affiliated faculty and 50 PhDs students.

7: Microsoft Research Lab-AI:

For the work to be more effective and productive this research uses the machine in such a way that it serves with new capabilities with experience and tries to merge the range of Microsoft Research. It also solves the challenges by introducing new dialogs and languages, with computer interaction and advances in machine learning.

8: Berkeley AI Research Lab:

This Research Lab merges with the humanities and many scientific disciplines for deep learning and human-compatible. It comprises over 300 graduate students and more than 50 faculties and postdoctoral for the cross-cutting themes. It tries to balance machine learning, NLP, control, planning, and robotics.

9: UCS Information Sciences Institute:

This is the most successful university-affiliated computer research institutes and is the nation’s largest engineering school for the development and research of technologies and communications. This institution mainly works for the computer science discovery for the modeling and design of innovative devices and prototypes.

10 : Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute:

This lab is found in Berlin, Germany, and is the oldest artificial intelligence research lab in the world. This group focuses mainly on research on deep learning of the machine group. This institution is working in Berlin on the 5G technology.

11 : IBM Research:

This research lab is discovered for the development of the IoT domain and privacy cloud etc. in Ireland and the main focus is for the betterment of the client’s results. Recently they are working for the development of themselves with the combination of the many forms of knowledge and try to develop things by themselves. So both time and money are saved by achieving the ultimate goal. This research tries to remove the obstacles by offering the toolkit.

12 : King’s College London:

Here the practical and theoretical changes are studies that are caused by the digital society’s developments in the areas ranging from Autonomous to AI. Undergraduates and postgraduates are offered these programs by Britain’s famous college at London’s Department of Informatics. These are further divided into various groups and hubs.

13 : Facebook AI Research:

FAIR works for the fundamental research for research and technology development and is the biggest part of the larger Facebook AI organization with respect of AI R&D. It had spread across all over New York, Paris, Menlo Park and becomes an international research organization.

14 : Deep Mind Lab:

This helps to learn the huge and partially observed and virtually diverse worlds. It is framed for the development of machine learning systems and general artificial intelligence person’s 3D game standards. It helps to modify and explore the designs with the simple and flexible API.

15 : AltaML

These programs are established in Canada that provides human potential with applied AI. To provide real-world application, this research is created for dynamic partnerships. These programs are helped by the mentors for the creation of working models which further change the thinking of applied AI.

16 : Brain AI Lab:

This works to understand the human brain established in South Korea. To understand the natural language and diagnostic they apply deep learning models and machines which are more advanced. The current fact tries for the reduction of the network Hyper synchrony and persistent vertigo.

17 : Baidu Research:

This research combines the talents of the whole world to focus on futuristic fundamental research. This research finds in Beijing and Silicon Valley which range from data mining and data science, business intelligence to robotics and computer vision and deep learning.

18 : Tencent AI Lab:

This lab is established by Chinese with around 100 scientists from various universities with more than 300 experienced engineers. Computer visions, NLP, speech recognition are the research works included here. To create social networking and content games they collaborate with the businesses.

19 : Stanford AI Lab:

Since 1962 this laboratory deals with the teaching, theory, and practice center which tries to provide much chance for the innovations. Here the world-class research is been conducted by the faculties in the areas like deep learning, robotics, health care, and many more.

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