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The fame of disposable vapes is breaking all the previous records. Invented in Beijing, China, these devices have reached the capitalist hubs of the United States. Chances are that you have witnessed vaping in the most common places possible. It is not strange to see people Vaping in cafes, streets, vape bars, homes, parties, and so on. The hands are seen holding vapes more and more frequently than a cigarette. All this reality cannot be denied. And the denial that disposable e-cigs have taken the world by storm will be even more peculiar.

So what should be done about the whole situation? I think it will be better to not close our eyes to the truth. Popularity often comes with confusion and questions. People demand answers about a certain famous thing. In the case of disposable vaporizers, the situation is even more intense. Since people are tired of the injurious side effects of smoking, they want to know more about a safer alternative. They want to know about disposables!

To play my part I have collected 3 frequently asked questions about disposable Vaping. The purpose of this piece of the blog will be to address all such confusing questions. I will try to cover the broad perspective of such kinds of vapes in every query. So, Let’s accept the fame of disposables and proceed with the investigation. Following are the top 3 Vaping questions about disposable technology in vaping.

  • How old is the method of disposable vaping?

As far as the records are concerned, disposable vapes were first invented in 2003. It all started with a health story. A 53-year-old person named Hon Lik was a relentless smoker. His father, a former smoker as well, passed away due to lung cancer. At that particular moment, this middle-aged man created an alternative that can replace the hazardous pack of cigarettes. The device was none other than a disposable vape pen! The rest is history.

  • How disposables are different from regular vape pens?

The clear difference between a disposable and a regular vape device lies in convenience. Old-fashioned vaporizers come with a lot of complex tasks for you. You don’t just buy it you maintain it afterward as well. It requires cleaning, refilling, and charging all the time.

Whereas in the case of disposable e-cig, you just have to purchase the device.  Leave the rest of the work to the disposable bar. It comes filled with delicious e-liquid to save you from the hectic work of refilling. It also is fully charged so that you can save money on buying a charger. All you have to do is draw the first vapor shot to start it. Inhale, enjoy, and exhale are the only work to do in disposables. When consumed completely throw it carefully to try a new flavor. 

  • Is the health-risk factor in disposable e-bar the same as a cigarette?

This question concerns most people. It is asked by newbie adults who want to start Vaping. It is also a common query by people who want to quit the habit of smoking. The simple fact is no product containing ingredients like nicotine, tobacco, marijuana, weed, etc is 100 percent safe. If someone tells you they are then do not believe them. However, there are certain levels of safety in all such cannabis products. Some pose a low risk to health but some can deteriorate completely.

In the case of disposables, studies have proven that they are much safer than tobacco consumption. You can choose the nicotine level according to your requirement. You can also go for nicotine-free vapes if your only desire is a flavorful throat hit.

I hope my blog post proved to be helpful in clearing some of your confusion. This piece of the blog was a brief attempt to answer the most asked disposable questions without wasting the reader’s time. All in all, disposable e-cigarettes are way better than traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

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