Top Battle Games You Should Play in Roblox

Top Battle Games You Should Play in Roblox

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Roblox is best known for its role-playing and tycoon games, but its battle games are not to be overlooked. There are dozens to discover on the platform, with these offering everything from open-world experiences to arena shooters that can keep you occupied for days. However, the genre is not given much attention on Roblox’s Discover page.

Best Roblox Battle Games 

Here are the best Roblox Battle games to play:

  • Battleship Battle
  • Trench Warfare
  • Nerf Strike
  • The Underground War
  • Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5
  • Tank Warfare
  • BedWars

Battleship Battle

Although the name doesn’t exactly scream must-play game,’ Battleship Battle is by far Roblox’s best navy simulator. Two opposing sides will collect weapons and try to sink one of these vessels first, with their ships hundreds of yards apart. To make matters more interesting, the ships tend to move closer or further apart, forcing sailors to choose their weapons carefully.

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare is still in its early alpha stages at the time of writing, but it manages to be an addictive war simulator. It is based on the Battlefield series and pits two massive armies against each other until one loses all of its soldiers. Trench Warfare differs from the other games on this list in that much of its content can be unlocked without the use of Roblox. Classes, weapons, and even special abilities are all included. So, if all you want to do is max out a character and become the ultimate super soldier, this new title could be ideal for you.

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Nerf Strike

Nerf Strike is a cute arena shooter with hours of multiplayer content for a more kid-friendly title. Whether it’s Domination, Team Match, or Free For All, the title is a great light-hearted romp ideal for a group of friends. For more intrepid players, a comprehensive weapon leveling system will entice you, eventually allowing you to equip attachments and special abilities to your Nerf blaster.

The Underground War

Excellent war games are only as good as their maps, as The Underground War demonstrates. The third-person shooter’s setting includes two team bases separated by an underground maze with numerous twists and turns. Each team’s goal is to find the opposite end of the maze in order to enter the enemy’s base and capture their flag. The task of surviving and navigating through the maze, as simple as it is, creates an addictive gameplay loop.

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 has steadily risen through the ranks of top-tier war games. The game’s main selling point is its PvE open world, which requires teams of soldiers to rescue hostages and take over enemy bases. In exchange, players will earn money that can be spent on any of the numerous weapons or attachments available. 

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Tank Warfare

Tank Warfare, possibly the most visually appealing title of them all, foregoes all on-the-ground combat in favor of massive 8-on-8 tank action in beautifully designed environments. The premise appears to be simple, but the heart of Tank Warfare is its intricate progression system. This allows players to unlock and purchase several of the game’s larger tanks, as well as apply cosmetics to them.


If you’re looking for a sci-fi arena shooter, BedWars is well worth your time. It is a brilliant combination of Valorant and Minecraft, with two teams building their way to each other and using their arsenal of powers and guns. The greatest thrill, however, comes from collecting rare gems throughout each map in order to purchase an even larger arsenal of abilities.

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Battle games are still one of the most popular types of Roblox games. You can start playing any game with your friends.

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