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As natural diamond prices continue to rise, a cheaper alternative is to purchase a man-made diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory through heat, pressure, and catalytic processes. There are very few diamonds in nature. These processes help accelerate the natural process. In this article, we explore the most expensive diamonds available for purchase today as well as their unique characteristics. Read on to discover more about these rare stones and how you can identify them as igi vs gia lab grown when shopping for your perfect gemstone.

How are Lab-Created Diamonds Made?

Natural diamonds are made up of carbon. However, creating a natural diamond is incredibly slow, requiring millions of years. Scientists are still unsure how the process started, but they know that the earth’s carbon is found in two types of deposits: graphite and fossil fuel. When we think of diamonds, we often think of a clear, sparkling gem. However, creating a shiny, clear diamond in a laboratory is much shorter than the millions of years it would take for a diamond to form in nature.

Determining Whether a Diamond is Natural or Lab-Grown

Due to supply and demand, natural diamonds have become more expensive over the past decade. If someone is looking to buy a diamond, they need to make sure it is real. The best way to do this is to evaluate it by a diamond grading organization. The most common organizations used to evaluate diamonds are GIA and IGI.

The most expensive lab-grown diamonds in the world

The most expensive lab-grown diamonds are grown at the GIA-Tron facility in Virginia. These diamonds are estimated to be worth $15 million per carat. The reason for their high price is that the diamonds are very small in size but large in carat weight. Creating these diamonds is very different from creating natural diamonds, making lab-grown diamonds more valuable.

Differences Between IGI vs GIA lab grown diamond

Several key differences can be noticed when comparing natural diamonds with lab-grown diamonds. The price is the most obvious difference between natural and grown diamonds. Natural diamonds are much more expensive than lab-grown diamonds. This is mainly because the growing process is significantly faster than the natural formation process. The other major difference between natural diamonds and man-made diamonds is clarity. Natural diamonds contain inclusions, or multiple foreign materials, formed due to the diamond formation process. Man-made diamonds, on the other hand, are completely clear of any foreign materials.


Lab-grown diamonds have several advantages over natural diamonds, including a lower price. To tell the difference between the two, it’s important to get them inspected by a reputable grading lab. Knowing what you’re buying is also important as getting the best value for your money., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0