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Now that winter is approaching, if you are nearing completion on your new home, it is quite possible that you will be relocating during the most weather-unpredictable season of the year. Moving house can be stressful enough without having to contend with rain, wind, and possibly even snow. Moving house during the winter months, from December to March, doesn’t have to be a stressful process, and happily, if you’re particularly cautious and have a good plan in place, it may still go successfully. So, to assist anyone who anticipates relocating during the winter months this year, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints that can help alleviate any additional stress on moving day.

Make Use of High-Quality Packing Supplies

While you should always use quality packing materials when moving house regardless of the season, it is especially vital in the winter. When it’s raining outside, for example, utilizing fragile cardboard boxes will almost certainly result in their shattering during the transfer. Fabric objects such as sofas and mattresses should also be covered with plastic covers due to the greater risk of inclement weather.

Protect Your New Home With Protective Sheets

When you’re moving into a new home, the last thing you want is muddy and wet footprints all over the carpet, especially if it’s a new construction. To assist prevent stains on your flooring, acquire some plastic floor covering for areas like the hallway and landing that will be walked through frequently on moving day.

Employ the Services of a House Moving Company

It’s strongly suggested that you hire the services of a house moving business during the winter months, when it might start to grow dark outdoors as early as mid-afternoon. They can assist you unpack the removal vehicle before it becomes dark on moving day, which will save you time and money. Professional furniture removalists in Perth like OZZIEE MOVERS also come with a slew of other advantages, so they’re always worth paying for.

Any Outdoor Paths Should Be Cleared And Gritted

Make sure the paths outside your old and new houses are prepared to minimise the chances of slipping and falling on moving day. If it has been snowing, clearing the routes is vitally necessary, and even if you don’t believe it is too slippery underfoot, you will thank yourself for gritting any walkways. When it comes to moving, safety is always a top priority.

Packing Your Waterproof Jackets Isn’t Necessary

Think on what you’ll wear on moving day when you’re packing all of your belongings in the days leading up to the move. Ideally, you should dress in a variety of layers that are both easy to move in and easy to remove if you become overheated. Of course, having a waterproof outer layer is also really beneficial, especially if it rains all day.

Bring a couple of torches with you

Purchasing a few of torches for your house move is usually worthwhile due to the fact that it becomes dark so early in the winter. These will come in handy if your new residence doesn’t have any external lighting and unloading the relocation vehicle is taking longer than expected. You should also have a few spare light bulbs on hand for the indoor lights in case they are needed.

Check to see which box your kettle is in

All professional packers will advise you to label your boxes, and you should make a note of which ‘kitchen’ box includes your kettle when doing so.

When it’s cold outside, a cup of tea will come in handy to keep you warm. If you’ve already cleared away your old fridge, don’t forget to stop at a store for a pint of milk.

Locating Local House Moving Services

If you’re moving this winter, maybe the suggestions above will make the process as stress-free as possible. Although the harsh winter months may not be the most optimal time of year for a house relocation, planning ahead for all possible scenarios will ensure that your move goes smoothly and without a hitch.

If you require the services of a professional removalist in Perth, please contact our removal experts at OZZIEE MOVERS. We offer both local and long-distance moving services, and we’ll be happy to help you on moving day. We take pleasure in our first-class reputation, and we make every effort to ensure that each customer’s move is handled with the utmost care. Regardless of how much aid and support you require for your house relocation, we can ensure you that enlisting our assistance will put you in the finest possible hands.

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