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We live in an era of great design, with new technologies and trends constantly emerging. In addition, front-end development is becoming increasingly important as more and more developers get involved in user interface (UI/UX) design.

UI /UX design are often put on the same pedestal, but they are fundamentally different, and aspiring designers need to understand the difference.

User interface (UI) refers to the graphical aspects of an application, including buttons, screen layouts, animations, transitions, and micro-interactions.

User interface design can take the following forms:

– Graphical User Interface (GUI): GUI design refers to the user’s interaction with the visual elements and digital control panels of a system. An example of a graphical user interface is a computer desktop.

– Voice Activated Interface (VUI): VUI design refers to the user’s interaction with the system via voice. Smart assistants, such as Samsung Electronics’ Bixby and iPhone’s Siri, are examples of VUI.

– Gesture-based user interface: Used primarily in gesture-based design scenarios, such as virtual reality (VR), where the user is involved in a three-dimensional space.

A good user interface design must take these features into account.

– The goal of the design should be to allow the user to complete tasks quickly with minimal effort. Tasks should be fluid.

– They should be enjoyable and satisfying, not frustrating.

– User interface design should reflect the brand values of the company/organization.

UX Design – How Things Work

User experience (UX) design is concerned with how users interact with systems. UX design relates to logical navigation, fluidity, and intuitiveness. In other words, such design supports a positive user experience.

To better understand the user experience process, here are the basic steps

– Interaction design is about how easily users can use the interactive elements of the system (page transitions, animations, buttons, etc.) to complete tasks.

– User research involves extensive research, gathering feedback and ideas from new and existing customers, understanding end-user needs, and making design decisions based on those parameters.

– Information architecture is about organizing the information and content that users need to perform tasks. Therefore, UX designers must understand the relationship between different content groups and present them in the most understandable way.

The following practices are necessary to create a good UX design

– The product should be user-friendly, logical, and easy to understand.

-A user’s issue should be resolved by the product.

– The product should be accessible and usable by many people.

– The product should create a positive user experience that allows users to perform tasks without frustration.

What is the major difference between user interface design and user experience?

UI design and UX are often used interchangeably.

While both design methods require significant input into the final deliverable, the UI and UX design processes are very different.

UX design focuses primarily on the entire user journey to solve a problem.

UI design, on the other hand, is concerned with the look and feel of the product after the problem has been solved. Here are the main differences between UI design and UX design.

– Primary Focus: UI designers use high-quality designs as prototypes and focus on the quality and visual appearance of the final product. UI designers focus on the technical aspects of product design, whereas UX designers emphasize project management and analysis.

– Use of color: UI designers use color, while UX designers create prototypes in white, black, and gray.

– Tools: UI designers use tools such as Sketch, Flinto, Principle, and InVision to collaboratively design images. UX designers use framework-based prototyping tools such as Mockplus.

– Artistic elements: UI designers need to include artistic elements in their designs that are relevant to what the end user sees, hears, and feels.

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