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Tufina watches draw inspiration from their first creator back in the early 1800s. They are a mixture between traditional watches and present-day watches that have entered the watch market. Tufina moved from traditional pieces and started creating art by generating elegance through movement. The brand is especially loved by many, thanks to its finesse and contemporaneity. Many people like the vintage, traditional look of their watches, but they also want the modern functionality that they offer. Made in Germany Tufina offers both. 

From an idea – to hundreds of design drafts – to a final creation, the complete process of the Tufina watches lasts up to one year to be fully finished. The dedication results in a variety of timepieces each of them outstanding in its way. Tufina watches are known as watches that turn time into art. Why? This article will give you a response to that.

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The Case

The cases of Tufina watches are stainless steel or stainless steel gold plated 5 microns. They are made of well-done machine work and their lines and angles are quite smooth. The diameter of the case is 41 to 48 mm, without including the crown. It is worth mentioning that most of the Tufina watches are automatic watches, which means they self-wind and you do not have to worry about winding them up or getting new batteries to power them. 

But even in the mechanical watches, the crown found at 3 o’clock is big enough, making it easier to hand-wind the movement. Some of the watches have even second or third crowns that can be used to fix the calendar function. The lens of the Tufina watches is sapphire coated or sapphire crystal which is an amazing addition, seeing as normally watches at this price range do not have that. To be mentioned is also the buckle which can be found in different shapes, such as a standard buckle or even a butterfly buckle. 

The Dial

The dial on the Tufina designs is of course the main point of many watches. Tufina provides a wide selection of watches with white dials, blue or silver. The index dial has a range of different diamond sizes and the numerals can be Roman or Arabic, or even both. The fact that you can see the inner movement of the watch makes it compelling to watch and sometimes it can be amusing. Reading time is also quite easy. Tufina watches are made as a symbol of pure looks.

The Movement

The movement inside the Tufina watches varies. You can choose among mechanical movements, like Casablanca GM-101-15, or automatic movements like London GM-510-1A. Tufina also produces watches with an in-house movement, like Zurich Tourbillon which has an in-house mechanical movement, or Geneva Tourbillon which has an in-house automatic movement

The movement, be it hand-winding or self-winding is extremely accurate and is made following the popular advances in technology. Tufina timepieces have proven to be reliable and easy to use and service within decades. There is no going wrong with the Made in Germany movements. The automatic movements are made of different numbers of jewels and they have a power reserve of up to 42 hours.

The Strap

The straps of Tufina watches are a specialty of their own. They can be found in different colors like white, black, and blue all made of genuine cow leather bands. And there are options for those who don’t like leather straps, too. Tufina offers stainless steel bands, these being also in different colors, like gold, gray, or rose gold. If you search Barcelona Pionier GM-516-12, you will see what we mean. In the watches where the strap is made of genuine cow leather, you will notice that the leather is suave and smooth, and you’d expect it to be so, seeing as the timepieces are Made in Germany.

The Watch Designs

With eight generations of masterful craftsmen continuing the legacy of Tufina watchmaking, the design details are an incarnation of tradition and extravagance. The Tufina designs are much appreciated by everyone who has purchased a watch from Tufina, due to their authenticity, intricate details, fine lines, and angles. Tufina goes beyond anybody’s expectations and creates unique designs that reflect the time and dedication put into them by skilled craftsmen. 

More Than Just A Watch

Just knowing how much work Tufina watches artisans put into them makes it worth buying one. But if you are yet not convinced, let us tell you that Tufina gives you a variety of polished and brushed surfaces to choose from. It provides you with several color schemes and case finishes. And whether you decide to get a Theorema or Pionier timepiece, it does not matter. Every timepiece is high-end and an excellent choice for gentlemen who value quality, style, and luxury. So, yes, Tufina watches are watches that turn time into art., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0