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A website is a very effective sales tool when it is well designed. Although this may seem superficial, it really is very important for the user to feel comfortable, stay longer and come back to learn more about the brand. Although it is very important, some companies have some challenges to overcome in this area. Therefore, below we present the 5 challenges that every company must face in web design.

1. Responsive

Users have a browsing behavior focused on the use of mobile devices. Therefore, companies must develop their website under this technology that allows them to display content through different platforms and devices. In this way, visitors feel more comfortable and continue browsing the site.

Unfortunately, some companies do not take this factor into account for the development of their website and now Google can penalize them for it. For this reason, responsive web design is a challenge that must be overcome.

2. Security

Hackers pose a great threat to any site on the internet. Although everyone wants to be sure that all company information is 100% protected, unfortunately there is a point of vulnerability that, although it can be reduced, must also be taken into account in case an incident happens that may put the image of the company at risk. the company.

To face this challenge, it is recommended that the company that develops the site is an expert and has knowledge in the area.

3. User Experience

Millions of users are browsing the internet and looking for pages that help them solve problems, needs, doubts or simply entertain them. But what is the difference between one and the other? The answer is the user experience that allows a visitor to want to continue browsing. If the experience that the site provides is not satisfactory, it is likely that the visitor makes the decision to go in search of another that can meet their needs. After all, there are over a million pages on the web.

4. Speed

The speed at which a web page loads is very important so that the user does not leave it without even having learned a little more about the brand. That is why it is very important to consider this aspect.

When a website loads in 3 seconds or less, it is perceived in a more favorable way because they see it as friendly and the user experience is better. Although there are many ways or tools such as Google page speed insights to optimize loading time, this aspect is one of those that is decisive and that companies must improve in the web design of their pages.

5. Withholding

Attracting new visitors to the page is important, but retaining those who already know you is also important because they are the ones who can give references to others about the content you have and the services or products you offer.

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