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Intuit Data Protect is a subscription based service that safeguards your sensitive company data, files, from being destroyed or damaged. With the help of this service, you can either backup your entire computer or just QuickBooks files and folders. This is so that you can safeguard your computer or company data from accidental loss or theft. The best part about the Intuit Data Protect is that it provides free access to this backup service to users having QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and QuickBooks Enterprise subscriptions. But at times, users might come across several issues while operating Intuit Data Protect and one such issue is Intuit Data Protect has stopped working. It might be caused due to using the outdated version of Intuit Data Protect. However, there are several benefits of using the IDP. We have covered all such benefits of using this service in the further section of this blog.

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What are the advantages of using the Intuit Data Protect?

Data Security is the utmost priority of every successful business and to keep your data safe Intuit Data Protect came into existence. However, there are several benefits of using the Intuit Data Protect, but before you get access to these benefits you must ensure that you have updated the IDP as per the latest version. This would help in enhancing the experience of the users to get access to more security features to keep your data safe.

  • The Intuit Data Protect automatically backs up all your QuickBooks data files or folders within the scheduled time.
  • Moreover, it also provides you with the facility to create the backup of your QuickBooks files or folders on a daily basis. This is so that you can protect your data from getting lost or damaged due to the virus, laptop theft, file corruption, fire.
  • It is the most convenient and safest service using which you can easily create a backup of not only your QB files or folders but can also create the backup your entire system.
  • The main advantage of using the IDP is that it doesn’t take enough time in creating the backup of the data and you can pursue with your ongoing work without any interruption.

Summing It Up!!

Hopefully, we assure you that this blog will help you to get aware of all the benefits hta you can avail by using the Intuit Data Protect. And thus it helps in preventing Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working. If you are looking for any additional help, then we suggest you to consult our experts by dialing the contact number +1(855)-856-0053.

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