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It’s much more than that. It can help answer questions the solutions to, which may not be visible right away. Needless to say, there exist multiple forms and variants of astrology followed by even online astrologers whom one can look to seek answers from.

Given below are a few different forms of astrology that you can follow to gain enlightenment:

Relationship astrology:

Yes, I get it; the first type of astrology discussed is relationship astrology. There is no personal vendetta behind my choosing this particular topic first; it’s just convenient.

However, relationship astrology is quite valuable for its pertaining aspects as it can help determine the amount of compatibility between two partners. This form of astrology uses a method known as synastry, Where a comparison of the charts is made between the partners to see how compatible they are.

Perhaps you will understand better with the aid of an example; For instance’s sake, suppose the Mars symbol on your birth chart happens to altercate with the Saturn symbol on your partner’s chart, then estimations are made which state that in the long run of this relationship, you are bound to aggravate, annoy and frustrate each other.

However, one more way of consultation in relationship astrology is the process of composite charts. In this method, the birth charts of both partners are taken and merged until a singular chart is formed, which can help provide the necessary answers to questions the people in that particular relationship may have.

Chinese astrology:

Ask any famous astrologer, and they’ll tell you that another form of astrology in feudal China existed alongside traditional astrology, which originated somewhere in ancient India.

The concept of Chinese astrology is slightly different from what is generally accepted as Western astrology, the difference being that while astrological seasons last every month in western astrology, which makes it 12 distinct phases.

The Chinese astrology system operates on an annual basis. So basically, this means that under Western astrology concepts, you can be born a Virgo, but under Chinese astrology concepts, you could be born under the year of the Tiger.

Because Chinese astrology is based on its long list of culture, heritage and Legends, the astrological seasons are denoted with animals instead of Zodiac signs.

Also, the fact remains that Chinese astrology follows the concept of the lunar calendar instead of the Solar calendar generally used by the rest of the world. This can explain why the Chinese new year celebrations are always between late January and early February, providing for festivities that start on a New Moon and end on a Full one.

Traditional astrology:

There is an elementary difference between modern astrology and traditional astrology. In contrast, modern astrology is kind of open-ended towards things, traditional astrology, however, functions upon the fact that all the things that happen to us are predetermined.

So basically, if you grew up watching Bollywood movies like me, you probably end up believing in the concept of Faith, which leads us towards embracing traditional astrology.

Viral India follows its system of traditional astrology, the most widely accepted format of this form internationally, originating from the astrology concepts of ancient Greece and Rome.

The system of traditional astrology is governed based on the planets in our solar system (huh, perhaps the concepts of traditional international astrology and Indian traditional astrology aren’t so different after all).

Traditional astrologers work with the Whole Sign House System, where each house is divided equally among the 12 Zodiac signs. This concept was widely used by ancient astrologers as well.

Electional astrology:

This is the first title in the entire topic where the meaning needs to be made apparent by the name. This form of astrology answers the question of “when”. When would be the ideal time to be married?

Or when would be the perfect time to lay the foundation for my startup? All these questions are answered by seeking the help of electional astrology. With this astrology backing you, you can have the times in your hand when your luck will be the highest for you to accomplish a task.

Electional astrology has risen to be one of the most popular forms of astrology in the country of India as the public of this country is superstitious and believes in Consulting astrologers before setting essential dates such as weddings, engagements etc.

You can consult an astrologer for almost any form of query you may have to pertain to when you should do something because an electional online astrologist believes that there is an ideal time to start anything which can ensure your success for you in that particular task., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0