overnight desert safari in Dubai

Have you ever met some people who have been in Dubai for some time and they don’t have a Dubai Desert Safari? Your answer is going to be a big no, as no one will end the Dubai tour without doing one of the most fun activities in Dubai, the desert safari. Dubai desert safari is the most advanced one in the world. 

You will also get desert safari in some other regions, such as India, but that of Dubai is unmatchable. In simple words, you can say that the Dubai desert safari is top-ranked among every other desert safari. 

The fun of this incredible journey will be doubled by spending a whole night in the vast Arabian Desert. Yup! You got it right, we are talking about an overnight desert safari in Dubai. Camping in the center of the world’s largest sand desert and spending the whole night there will be great fun. There are several other features of the Overnight Desert safari in Dubai. 

Let’s glimpse those features which make overnight desert safari in Dubai so special. 

Dune Bashing

Every desert safari is incomplete without dune Bashing. You will enjoy it in every situation. This will start after entering the first kilometer of the desert. Scenes of shiny dunes roaming around your vehicle look very beautiful. Their shine will feel even more attractive in the evening. Speed up your car for some more fun of bashing dunes.

Amazing Rides

Though you enter the desert in the evening for an overnight desert safari, it never means you are going to miss the amazing rides that are the trademark of the Dubai desert safari. The first ride you have to take there is a quad bike. A quad bike will assist you in getting a much closer experience of dune bashing. Moreover, these bikes are specially designed to achieve high speeds in the desert.

Camel riding is one of the most iconic rides in a Dubai desert safari. It will assist you in exploring the vast desert by riding the ship of the desert. You will also know how people traveled in old times. You will also get a horse ride there. Don’t forget to capture some pics of yourself when having these rides. Get a sand board from the desert and surf on the sand ocean. Only imagining these rides will give you some goosebumps.

Sunset and Sunrise Scene

Scenes of sunset and sunrise are magical in the desert. They will capture you in their magic. You will witness the sunset scene after spending some time in the gym. So, your first priority after entering the desert for an overnight safari is to find a peaceful and high-altitude place. Sit there and view the disappearing sun in the sand.

Get up early in the morning to see some more beauty. The scene of the rising sun from the desert will make your day. Witnessing the whole scene of how morning starts will make you surprised and you will want to see it everyday. 

Camping and Night Shows

Overnight desert safari in Dubai has the most fantastic feature in the form of camping. You have to set your camp in the desert to spend a whole night full of fun and enjoyment there. Find a suitable place in the desert and set your camp there. 

After camping the next thing is to witness the fantastic shows in the desert. Cultural dance shows are the most attractive of all. You will see the classical belly dance there. Viewing this typical Arabian dance is a true treat. Tanura dance and fire show will also make your night remarkable. 

Buffet Dinner

A classic BBQ buffet dinner will be the best thing you expect from an overnight desert safari. You will get almost every type of BBQ in this buffet dinner. Some traditional Arabian cuisines will also be present in the buffet. Moreover, you will get unlimited refills for different drinks as well. 


After reading about these special features of an overnight desert safari in Dubai, you cannot stop yourself from enjoying it. What are you waiting for? Book your ticket for Dubai, and start exploring the desert in your first preference.

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