Know Your Customer

What is KYC? 

KYC is short for Know Your Customer. One of the most critical aspects of FinTech and financial services depicts more vulnerability to criminal activities. KYC standards protect financial institutions against money laundering, fraud, and corruption. 

The entire KYC process involves several stages, such as establishing customer identity, understanding the nature of customers’ activities, finding whether funds transfer is legitimate, and any associated money laundering risks with customers.

Why is KYC Needed?

Efficient KYC processes are crucial to any risk management and successful compliance program. Therefore, meeting KYC obligations is mandatory for every financial and banking institution. Currently, stringent regulatory requirements for KYC compliance and anti-money laundering are in force. 

Therefore, businesses and fintech organisations partner with reputed KYC solution providers to get access to AI-enabled solutions for completing digital KYC processes successfully. KYC solution providers verify the identity, judge suitability and risks involved with new customers, vendors, suppliers, and partners, and maintain relationships with them.

Top KYC Solution Providers in India:


AuthBridge is one of India’s leading KYC solution providers, covering diverse industries, such as finance, insurance, mutual funds, NBFCS, etc. AuthBridge achieves this with the help of AI-enabled tools and technologies that complement the bespoke requirement of each organisation. For KYC solutions, the distinct features include: 

  1. AuthBridge’s KYC solutions digitise the entire onboarding journey of a customer, vendor, or employee with the help of liveness detection, OCR, geotagging, etc. 
  2. AuthBridge is home to experienced professionals who are well-versed in aiding organisations to complete the KYC processes with ease. As a result, after partnering with AuthBridge as a KYC provider solution provider, organisations can save operational costs.
  3. It only takes a few minutes for a customer to complete the process. This feat enhances the customer experience while successfully catching identity and financial frauds before forging a partnership with customers. Since the customer experience gets streamlined, these solutions also assist in reducing the dropout rates. 
  4. AuthBridge ensures that you comply with the regulatory norms, including GDPR, RBI guidelines, SEBI guidelines, etc. 

C-Edge E-KYC Solutions

C-Edge Technologies Ltd. is a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. It is a leading infrastructure, technology, and service provider to financial institutions in India and abroad. 

Equifax India 

Equifax is an international data, analytics, and technology company that operates in 24 countries, including India. Equifax India is registered as ECIS or Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited and EAPL or Equifax Analytics Pvt Ltd. It is a joint venture between Equifax USA and seven leading Indian financial institutions and banks. 

ECIS Equifax has also launched a Microfinance Bureau in India to collect data from thousands of microfinance lenders in India. 


With branches in London, Singapore, and Bangalore, KYC Hub provides a single unified platform to perform fast and reliable operations related to KYC. The company caters to clients’ needs in retail and digital banking, real estate, crypto markets, online gaming and gambling platforms, financial services, payments, international trade, etc. With its reliable services, it has carved a niche in the specific industry.

In Conclusion

AuthBridge is one of India’s top KYC solutions providers and background verification and risk mitigation companies that have been around since 2005. It provides AI-powered digital customer onboarding for the financial services sector with advanced techniques such as video KYC, digital address verification, digital onboarding solutions for banks, digital document management, and even a criminal record database. The company strives to be driven by intelligent solutions and a passion for using technology to build a secure world as a KYC solutions provider.

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