Even in the best of circumstances, organizing a house clearing can be difficult, but in an old city like London, the basic facts of access, transportation, and disposal can become complicated. However, there are alternatives to consider.

What are your alternatives for house clearance in London?
What are your alternatives for house clearance in London?

There are a few removal choices in the London region, including:

Restricted charitable organizations (although this is at present not an option due to Covid -19)

Recycling centers run by the city and specific collection services are available.

Removal and house clearance firms are refused by a professional individual with a van.

Employing services should be avoided.

Are you looking for a charity furniture collection service in London?

Depending on your supplies, it’s simple to devise a house clearance strategy that fits your budget while also benefiting local companies and individuals.


This is a fantastic, simple way to dispose of large surplus house clearance things while also assisting others in need. There are a few charities in London that collect donations.


Their willingness to accept furniture varies, so it’s best to call your preferred charity and inquire directly.

What are your alternatives for house clearance in London?
What are your alternatives for house clearance in London?

Recycling centers in London


You’ll save money by lowering the amount of rubbish you’d have to pay for if you used a skip or hired a professional refuse collection service.


What you save in money will cost you in time, so keep that in mind as you plan your house clearance. There are also restrictions on the sorts of trucks and trailers that can be used.

Remove everything from the property. Getting rid of large amounts of garbage with the council has a number of advantages.

If you simply have a few great items, London Council will collect them for a fee if you make specific arrangements (with very sensible pricing). Refrigerators/freezers, washing machines, mattresses, furniture, and electrical items are all collected by this service.

Downside: Be aware that they will only carry objects that may be safely carried by two people up or down more than two steps.

If you’re looking for ‘house clearance near me,’ you’ve come to the right place. Near you, we have licensed rubbish haulers who can remove old furniture and large things the same day.

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