With a router and the right tools, wood, plastic, small circular saw and aluminum can be milled. The following applications for the router are available:

  • You can use a router to produce face milling machines, i.e. a straight surface.
  • The combination of the router with guide rail makes it possible to mill a straight groove. This can also be achieved at the edge of a workpiece with a parallel stop on the router.
  • A suitable attachment (trimmer instead of milling basket) turns the router into an edge milling machine. With the normal milling basket, the position of the router would be too shaky.
  • With the help of a template and the copy ring of the router, molds can be milled out exactly as often as desired – for example for recessed pot hinges. The copy ring must be precisely positioned with the centering mandrel so that the result is perfect.
  • Depending on the shape and type, galvanizing can be produced either with a template or a special milling attachment (e.B. for dovetail galvanizing) and the router with the guide rail.

Tip: For safety, you should definitely wear goggles, hearing protection, and a dust mask. Gloves are better not to use with rotating power tools, as they can easily get into the rotating tool and cause serious injuries to the hand.

What are the functions and properties of routers?

If you want to process large objects such as beams, tabletops, and the like, then your router should of course be powerful and robust.

When it comes to fine details – such as in model making – precision and easy handling, as well as good visibility, are more important.

In this overview you can see the essential properties and usual values:

Power and idle speed in rpm.

  • The power is between 710 and 2,000 watts (edge milling lower, large routers higher)
  • The speed range can be between 8,000 and 30,000 rpm
  • Constant electronics ensure that the speed is maintained under load

Milling basket, stroke, and functions

  • The maximum milling basket stroke in mm is usually between 40 and 60 mm
  • A high milling basket stroke is advantageous for working with stencils
  • With a scale for adjusting the height and precise adjustment

Equipment and accessories for routers

  • Milling attachments
  • Various milling baskets for edges, angles, and grooves
  • various stops (incl. parallel stop, depth stop, revolver stop)
  • Collets and tension wrenches
  • Dust extraction
  • Lighting
  • possibly copy ring and centering mandrel to mill with stencils
  • incl. suitcase

Volume in dB and weight in kg

depending on the size of the device, between just under 2 kg and over 5 kg

the volume, together with the suction, is between about 75 and 95 dB loud

Efficiency instead of high wattage

The assumption that the power in watts simultaneously expresses the power of the device is only partially true. best ridgid belt sander the efficiency is particularly decisive here. Above all, high wattages guarantee high energy consumption and high electricity costs.

Tip: If you do a lot of different woodwork, it is best to opt for a variable device with different milling baskets and stops in a medium size.

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