A psychologist is that professional who helps us to modify our way of behaving, whether we want to improve our way of facing things or if we look for eliminate some problem And it does so based on the human learning mechanisms, the functioning of the human being and the different contrasted studies that have observed the person and developed specific techniques for each variable to be modified.

A psychologist has studied all this without having to have experienced it. He is therefore an expert about how and why people change. Following the guidelines of a psychologist we ensure the fastest and most direct way to modify what makes us feel bad and greatly improve our quality of life. Going to therapy is used to change a small habit or to solve a serious problem that has affected us for a long time, whether we have generated it, or if it is something we have to face.

Why Is It Not So Valued By Society?

Why do people think it’s useless to go to a psychologist? Leaving aside the relative youth of the discipline and the difficulty of imposing a single theoretical model, we are the psychologists who, due to our malpractice, have ended up giving a superfluous and ridiculous image of our profession. Fundamentally every time in consultation we have not applied a rigorous method to our patients, but an “anything goes” or an act of faith.

But also when it comes to disclosing what is psychology. It is difficult to be precise in the media when seeking headlines and not technical explanations, but it is very important to distinguish our personal opinions from what we as psychologists can or cannot address. There are limits that we should not skip and work that, simply, we should never accept: give celebrity evaluations, use instruments categorized as scams, sell advice books and not psychological techniques, participate in gatherings, televised or on the street, where we are not able to explain the scientific basis of our opinion. For every nefarious use that is made of the profession, we hide one that science has developed over decades and could change a person’s life.

If with our practice and our statements we are not able to give value to what we do, we will be leading people to think that a psychologist is only useful to someone who has no friends or common sense is one of best psychologist.

You do not need to be in an exceptional or extreme situation. When you feel you need help in your daily life because you do not know how to deal with the situation you are living, most excellent psychologist is person where it is advisable to receive treatment and solution of problems. He in fact guide you best how to deal with issues a help to come out from problems. You can also discuss all of your issues with him

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