After you have made the decision to buy and have successfully purchased your new BMW, now it’s time to consider protection because each time you get behind the wheel to enjoy your new BMW it is being attacked by tiny rocks, debris, the UV rays from the sun and other contaminates that are ready to make our new BMW look neglected in a short amount of time, that’s why you need to consider protection for your BMW, asap! 

Protecting your new BMW exterior is not as difficult as you might think and therefore, it’s ok to relax. DoubleTake Auto Spa in Fremont, CA, specialize in preserving and protecting BMW paint for years to come with a paint protection film or ceramic coating. While keeping it cooler inside your BMW with ceramic heat reduction window tint.

We love to work closely with our customers to create custom protection packages that are right for their BMW.

Paint protection film
Paint Protection Film has several names: PPF and Clear Bra.  They are designed to protect the high impact areas of your vehicle from flying rocks and debris that can chip and scratch the paint. Most customers will protect the hood, side fender, front bumper, headlights, side mirror and rocker panels, while some will go all out and protect the entire exterior. While this is the absolute best way to protect your vehicle, it isthe most expensive way. Paint Protection Film will last from 5, 7, 10 and even 12 years. You might ask, what is a paint protection film? They are a nearly invisible layer of polyurethane film that is applied over the painted surfaces. They can withstand and absorb damages that would otherwise have been inflicted directly on the paint. They also protect the paint from bird droppings which can stain the paint quickly in summer months, tree sap, bug splatter and more. Do you want your BMW to remain swirl free? Then paint protection films are the way to go at DoubleTake Auto Spa in Fremont, CA the paint protection film used are the best in the industry with self-healing properties, therefore you will never have to worry about those dreaded swirls in the paint.

Ceramic coating
Ceramic Coatings are an excellent means of protection for your BMW, you have made the choice to purchase a luxury vehicle, it deserves more than a wax, it deserves to be protected. Ceramic Coatings offers four core benefits:

  1. Delivers the most extreme shine that last for years, not months like a wax
  2. Offers the best protection from the sun fading the paint
  3. Makes cleaning a breeze
  4. No more waxing, once your BMW is protected with a ceramic coating, the need to wax is a thing of the past

Everyone has their own reasons for protecting their BMW with a Ceramic Coating. One thing most BMW owners know is, waxing is a thing of the past, with new technology comes better products and ceramic coating has made it’s mark in the automotive industry. Smart BMW owners are starting to understand the importance of protecting their vehicle. Ceramic coating offers 1, 2, 5, 10 and even lifetime protection. The convenience they offer; no more continuous trips to the local car wash as the protective finish does not allow dirt and grime to stick to the new car paint, they also make it incredibly easy to clean your BMW. At DoubleTake Auto Spa in Fremont we are factory trained, certified installers for ceramic coatings.

Window Tint
Window tint is a transparent sheet of film that is applied to the inside of your BMW vehicle’s window to enhance and customize its own unique look and feel. Window Tint protects the interior from the sun, keep it cooler inside by absorbing heat, reduces headlight glare from other motorist, while adding security and privacy. They come is a variety of shades.

For those that are in Fremont, Ca or within a 30-mile radius. At DoubleTake Auto Spa in Fremont, Ca we offer SunTek ceramic window tint. You can view our customers 5-star reviews on Google and you can see our work on Instagram @dtautospa or Facebook: DTautospaFremont. You can always come in for a free vehicle consultation. We invite you to experience the difference. DoubleTake Auto Spa
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