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Preparing for your move by stocking up on household necessities will make your life a little easier. Purchasing these goods ahead of time, from hangers to shower curtains, will speed up the process of unpacking and setting in. Hire OZZIEE MOVERS as your removalist in Sydney and make sure you bother for nothing else. Continue reading to find out what else you can add to your list of home needs to make your move-in day go more smoothly.

Cleaning Products and Tools Checklist for the Home

Don’t wait until after the relocation to stock up on cleaning supplies. Make a list of these items for your home basics checklist ahead of time so you can start cleaning your new property straight away.

Cleaning supplies

While everyone has their favourite cleaning products, a glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, and disinfectant for the kitchen and bathroom are essential. You’ll almost certainly want to add paper towels to your list of home requirements.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential home purchase to make before moving in. Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from robotic to portable. Before purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, consider the size of your new home, the types of flooring you have, and your budget.

Dustpan and broom

Vacuum cleaners are fantastic for big jobs, but sometimes all you need is a fast sweep. When looking for a broom, consider what aspects are most important to you. Do you want a little handled broom or a huge angle broom, for example? Is a small dustpan sufficient, or would a larger dustpan on a stick be preferable? The size of your new home should aid you in making this important decision.


Mopping your floors on a regular basis is beneficial to keeping your home clean and looking its best. If you get a mop before moving in, you’ll be able to maintain your new apartment spotless from the start. You can choose from a variety of mops, including sponge mops and string mops.

Checklist of Home Essentials: Lighting

You don’t want to move into your new property and discover that you forgot to consider lighting. Determine the type of bulbs used in your lighting fixtures and integrated ceiling lighting. If your new house is dark, consider adding a few floor and table lights to your list of must-haves. There are four primary types of lightbulbs to choose from:


The most prevalent type of lighting used in houses is incandescent lighting. The bulbs are the least energy efficient, despite being affordable and producing a warm, glowing light.


LEDs also consume at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. The bulbs produce relatively little heat and have a similar appearance to incandescent bulbs. LED devices are becoming more inexpensive as they grow in popularity.


Because they emit a bright, white light, halogen lamps are ideal for task lighting. Despite being more energy efficient than incandescent lights, they still generate a lot of heat.

Window Treatments are on the Essentials Checklist for the Home.

Unless your new house is exceedingly private, you’ll want to consider window treatment alternatives to give your bedroom and bathroom more space. Consider obtaining window treatments before moving in if your windows aren’t already covered. While covering the windows in your bedroom and bathroom is a must, you may also want to look for window treatments for other rooms in your new home.


Curtains come in a range of materials, lengths, colours, and designs and are a popular choice for every room in the house. Curtains are an excellent choice for bedrooms because they simply filter out a portion of the light. This means that even if the curtains are pulled, some natural light will enter the room. If this sounds like a suitable option for you, make sure to include

curtains in your home needs list, along with the hardware you’ll need to hang them.

When you think about blinds, you might think of those thin plastic blinds that always seem to have a film of dust on them. What you might not realise is that blinds are made of a variety of materials. Slats come in a variety of materials, from wood to aluminium, and are a versatile window treatment choice. Blinds are a fantastic choice for the bathroom because they are easy to clean and don’t hold a lot of moisture. If this window treatment meets your requirements, add it to your list of new house necessities.


Drapes are cloth panels that reach from the top of the window to the floor and are heavier than curtains. Because these window treatments are lined, they are thick enough to shut out all light from the outside. Drapes are an excellent alternative for your living room if you’re searching for a more formal window covering.


Shades can be raised and lowered to fit within the window frame. The fabric either bunches up or rolls around a pole as the shadow rises. Shades are a perfect fit for any area in your house or apartment because they are so adaptable. If this window treatment style appeals to you, add shades to your list of new home requirements.

Checklist of Household Essentials: Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom essentials should surely be on your shopping list. After a day of unpacking, you don’t want to try to rinse off only to discover you don’t have a shower curtain! When purchasing a shower curtain, make sure you purchase a shower curtain liner as well as any necessary accessories.

Make sure your new home has a toilet paper holder, which is related to the previous point. If there isn’t one on the wall, freestanding toilet paper holders are an option.

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