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There are many opportunities waiting for foreign nationals in the Singaporean economy.  That is why many individuals are interested in getting a work visa. There are many job opportunities in Singapore that come from the different businesses that are currently operating. These businesses come from different industries such as mining, engineering, healthcare, and even the foods and beverage industry. 

Singapore is a favorite location when it comes to business operations because it offers a business-friendly set of policies. It was even named as the most open market economy in 2020. So these businesses require a large number of the workforce not just from Singapore but also from other countries. 

Work visa depends on the skillset and credentials of the applicant. Foreign professionals can apply for an employment pass while unskilled to semi-skilled individuals can get the work permit Singapore visa. 

Aside from this, Singapore presents many more advantages and benefits even to foreign nationals. If you want to apply for a work visa here are the various types that you can apply for. 

#1 Employment pass

Eligibility and benefits

The employment pass is issued to professionals that meet the qualifications. Interested professionals should have a job offer from any Singaporean company. This job offer should be on the level of directorial managerial or executive. It can also be a different job position as long as it is on the same level as the ones mentioned.

The applicant should have a good university degree as it is a professional job vacancy. They should also have other credentials such as experience and training to have a higher chance of getting approved. A salary requirement of $4,500 monthly is also needed.

Interested individuals who are already in their forties are required to have more experience and a higher salary requirement. This is open to all foreign nationalities as long as they are of legal age when they apply. 

One of the benefits that you can get from this work visa is that you can rent a property while you are in Singapore. You can also open a bank account that can be used within the Singaporean territory. An additional benefit is being able to apply for a visa for your family members. There are also certain qualifications when it comes to applying for a visa for a family member. 

This work visa is valid from one to two years after issuance. It can be renewed for up to three years or be upgraded to a personalized employment pass or permanent residency. 

How to apply

Interested applicants should prepare the necessary documents required. These individuals should have a valid passport from their country of origin. Documents such as proof of the credentials and business profile of the sponsor company will be required.

The application process can be done by the company. Singapore also allows trusted third-party employment agencies to accomplish the application. Each application would cost $105 and an additional fee would be charged once the pass is issued.

If the company has a Singaporean office the application process would only take three weeks. However, if the sponsor is overseas, they would need to find a representative that has a Singaporean office. This kind of application would take around eight weeks to be completed. 

#2 S pass

Eligibility and benefits

This work visa is appropriate for mid-skilled foreign workers. This pool of workers includes bartenders, waiters, flight attendants, and taxi drivers. They should also have a job offer from any Singaporean registered company to qualify for the work visa.

A minimum salary requirement of $2,500 monthly is one of the things that the candidate should meet. They should also have a diploma or a degree that is relevant to the job that they are applying for. In some cases, the Singaporean government allows technical certificates as long as it is one year’s worth of full-time academic study.

Just like the employment work visa, older candidates are required to have a higher salary monthly and more credentials. This is to ensure the quality of workers in any Singapore and registered company. 

One of the benefits of being an S pass work visa holder is medical insurance. All individuals with this kind of visa are entitled to medical coverage from their employer. This is also valid from one to two years after being issued and can be renewed after. 

S pass holders are also entitled to bring their family to Singapore as well as they meet certain qualifications. The same company or trusted agency can accomplish the work visa application for the family members.

How to apply

As mentioned above, all interested applicants should have a job invitation from any Singaporean company before they can apply. All necessary documents that will serve as proof of identity and credentials should be submitted before the applicant can set foot in Singapore.

The application procedure is similar to the employment pass. Only the sponsor company in a third-party employment agency can process the application. The application period would be just the same as the employment pass visa. 

#3 Work permit Singapore pass

Eligibility and benefits

Unskilled and semi-skilled workers are also welcome to work in any Singaporean registered company. The work permit Singapore visa is issued to these foreign nationals. 

The eligibility and requirements for the work permit Singapore visa depend on the sector. Under this visa are the construction marine shipyard processing services and manufacturing sectors. This said sectors require different documents and qualifications from their foreign employees.

The sponsor company should also meet some criteria to be recognized as an eligible company under a specific kind of sector. There is also a certain ratio of local Singaporean employees to foreign employees to be followed. 

All work permit Singapore holders are entitled to medical insurance from their employers. This is open to all nationalities who can apply as long as they are of legal age and are valid passport holders. 

#4 Personalised employment pass

Eligibility and benefits

The personalised employment pass is an updated version of the employment pass. This is also issued to working professionals to meet certain criteria.

If you are an employment pass holder then you can apply for this as long as you are earning $12,000 monthly. There are more benefits and advantages that await the personalized employment pass holder.

Foreign professionals who are still working overseas can also apply for this as long as they are earning an $18,000 monthly salary. Once the past is issued holders can enjoy its benefits.

Approve candidates can work in any sector given that they meet the requirements for that specific job. They can also change job positions without applying for a new kind of visa. Lastly, they are allowed to stay a maximum of six months in Singapore even if they are not employed.

Get your visa today

Working in Singapore presents many possibilities to foreign individuals as well. So if you want to work here it is important to know the right kind of work visa for you. Contact Ren Ai Group today to know more about your options.

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