Social marketing can be a powerful digital channel to help brands engage customers in the digital age. If social media is not used effectively, brands could miss out on customer engagement. Eighty percent believe that social media has value and are confident in its Return on Investment. It can provide valuable customer insight and help boost other marketing activities.

Social media can be used by marketers to increase lead generation. If you execute your social media strategy well, it will improve search rankings, drive more people to your site, increase conversions, and help increase traffic.

How can you make a social media strategy that works? It can be hard to know if your company needs an online presence via Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or another channel digital marketing agency Birmingham.

What are your social media goals?

It is crucial to be able to connect social media channels with your highest-level strategy objectives. It is crucial that you explain how a channel can help you reach your goals.

Social media can increase brand awareness

You should start by choosing well-known platforms that have a large audience. This will allow you to reach a broad range of prospects. If you are able to understand your target audience, it is worth considering niche and popular platforms.

Social media can increase lead generation

Marketers who want to generate high-quality leads can use social media. Targeted campaigns can help you attract prospects and can be nurtured through your conversion funnel.

Which channels are most popular and why?

Once you have established your goals and chosen the right social media channels, it is time to think about where your audience is online. If your biggest customer segment is a 70-year-old woman, an Instagram account may not be efficient. If your target audience is men, it might not be a good idea for you to promote your business via Pinterest.

Social media demographics form the foundation of social media strategies that are most efficient and effective. These data-driven insights will help you ensure that your channels and strategy are relevant to your audience. This will increase your conversion rate.

Sprout Social lets you track and analyze your followers. This will give you information about your social followers such as their age and gender. This information will allow you to determine which channels are worth keeping and which ones should be deleted.

Which channels are being used by your competition?

Analyzing the social media platforms used by your target audience and those of your competitors is also important. This will allow you to make informed decisions.

What type of content is this kind of content? Are they able to create content that is specific for each platform? What frequency do they post it? What number of likes and shares have they received for their posts? You can use social media to compare the activity of your rivals and see how many people are following them. These insights will help you improve your strategy. To see the competitors that reach their target audience, use our Competitor Tracker.

Social listening tools are a way to find out which brands have the greatest influence and reach on social networks.

What content would appeal to your audience?

This is an important question because there are many types of content. While some content may be more in line with your business goals and brand, others might not. Social media is different from other content formats.

These content formats can be used by B2B audiences, who are more likely to find them on platforms like LinkedIn than professionals. These platforms can be used to share industry-specific information with colleagues regardless of whether or not you have a company Twitter profile. These amazing examples of B2B content marketing will inspire you.

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