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It is rightly said “face is the index of mind “ the thought processed by the mind is always reflected on the face. A very popular Psychiatrist in Ludhiana illustrates the same with the help of an example. Stress “ is the reason given by many young people for the dark circles around their eyes or the pimples and acne around their faces. A person who is stressed will not have enough sleep and lack of good sleep eventually leads to its reflection on the face and various parts of the body in ways like hypertension, obesity and facial hair mainly caused due to PCOS.

But what is the reason for the increase in mental health issues why was this problem not existing in the times of mothers, grandmothers and their grandmothers?? Let us understand in detail the reasons for the increase in mental health problems in the last 10 yrs.


  1. SOCIAL MEDIA – The advent of social media in the Indian background happened with the advent of ORKUT in 2004, the main aim of social media was to keep loved ones informed about the well being in their lives but off late since the past 10 yrs it has been one of the reasons for the increase in anxiety-related issues and stress-related issues.
  2. WORK-LIFE IMBALANCE – Work-life imbalance is due to the increased levels of work-related issues, which is why individuals are seeking stress-relieving activities but these activities are short-lived like smoking, drinking and drugs. Thus it is always advisable for people to indulge in mindfulness activities like meditation, yoga and Zumba dancing to generate feel-good hormones.
  3. LACK OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: There was research conducted that random people who went for a walk in the wee hours of the morning when was asked how did he/she feel the reply was that they felt great because exercise is all about striking a balance of hormones in the body, releasing the accumulated tension within an individual’s body and strengthening the bones. Also after having exercised the blood sample was collected after an intense workout in which they were able to find traces of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.
  4. HISTORY: A detailed study was studied conducted at a counselling centre in Punjab, on the family history of people suffering from depression and anxiety-related issues, there was little evidence to support the genetic history of the individuals, but often it was observed that people who had experienced a trauma or a kind of sexual assault had chances of mental health relapsing because there is no such magic pill or treatment that can bring results overnight. Thus people need to identify mood swings ate a nascent stage, a routine of sleeplessness to prevent the symptom from aggravating and elevating., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0