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The smartphone industry had only two big players: Samsung and Apple. Nokia also made great devices in the keypad era but the brand’s presence declined later. As of now, Nokia isn’t considered a big name in the world of smartphones. Brands like Oppo and Xiaomi are also making great smartphones but most of us still consider that something is absent on these phones that only Samsung was offering. Samsung does its smartphone business in the full budget spectrum. You can buy phones from the drop down £250 budget phones to the most magnificent flagships that cost over £1000.

The budget phones are not that much in demand after a couple years of their release. But the flagship models come with top-notch hardware that age very well and continues to be desirable even after 2 – 3 years. But the sheer flagship-ness comes with a hefty price that most smartphone lovers hesitate to pay. For such flagship fanatics, Samsung phones refurbished is a well-viable option.

Pertaining to this, several third-party smartphone sellers have come up with a dedicated service to provide people with the best of refurbished devices in the UK. How will it feel like owning a high-end Samsung flagship that had been used for a short while in the recent past? The third party takes charge of the device and has it tested thoroughly before selling it to the masses. This is a list of the important advantages of buying Samsung phones refurbished from an online mobile shop:

1. Reduced price

Samsung phones refurbished come with a slashed price tag. You might be able to get your hands on one in almost half of the original price of the handset. If you ever desired to buy a hi-end flagship but couldn’t just because of the price, now’s the time. If you’re upgrading from a midrange handset, you’re going to be surprised with the performance and quality of the phone. It’s a win-win situation because at the same time you’re paying less and using the top-tier flagship features Fanserials.

2. Don’t worry, they are tested

Every refurbished smartphone you buy from reputed sellers, goes through several layers of testing. All defects whether major or minor are detected by qualified technicians working in testing labs. All parts and functionalities like fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor, volume and power buttons, ear speaker, camera, microphone, speakers, the display, charging port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are thoroughly checked.

3. Warranty

At the very minimum, every refurbished smartphone seller on the internet is offering a 6-month warranty period. There won’t be no justification to buy a £500 smartphone without some sort of certainty about its lifetime. The best dealers of refurbished Samsung devices in the UK offers a standard warranty of 1 year and an extended warranty of 2 years. If you think the usual 1 year warranty is not good enough, you can opt for extended warranty plans. If anything happens to the handset within the said timeframe of the warranty, the seller is bound to repair or replace it.

4. A cheap ticket to premium smartphones

We’ve all wanted to own a flagship in some point of time in our lives. You can fulfil this wish now easily – thanks to the number of growing online refurbished mobile shops in the UK. Supplying once-owned premium devices at the price of midrange smartphones is the motto of a refurbished selling brand. 

5. Environmental-friendly

If you love and care for our earth, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be doing the environment a favor by buying a refurbished phone instead of a brand new. But how? Most phones tagged refurbished were used for a short duration by someone in the recent past. Due to the presence of a minor defect (or not), the device was then sent back to the original seller for a replacement. An unboxed product cannot be sold the same way like any brand new ones. These go through comprehensive checkups and repaired if any genuine defects were found.

If no one bought a refurbished phone, they would eventually end up in landfills. Electronic devices are not made up of anything nearly biodegradable. Huge portions of such unchecked non-biodegradable wastes is extremely harmful for the environment. Thus, you’re making tiny but genuine contributions to save the earth while choosing a refurbished device., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0