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For a start-up company to make a strong beginning in any location, its registration is important. The authority under which it operates, the authorities that regulate business practices, and the ones from which licenses are obtained do not award them if the business is not registered under them. In Dubai, that authority is represented by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI). The authority that regulates the business practices is the Dubai Trade (formerly known as Bea & Company), and the authorities from which licenses are obtained are represented by the Ministry of Economy in Dubai.

5 Reasons to Consider Business Registration Dubai

The following documents along with the company’s name, type of business activity, headquarter address, number of employees it has, shares capital, and the date of registration must be submitted to DCCI by a company director:

• Certified copy of a valid trade license from the Ministry of Economy in Dubai.

• Copy of partnership deed or an official certificate from the Public Prosecution Office.

• A formal notification from competent authority at the free zone where the business is located, stating that there is no objection to the registration of the business.

• A signed power of attorney.

• No-objection letter from Dubai Police Department, if the company is a partner in a partnership with any other person

After registering with DCCI and availing itself of all necessary licenses and permits, a business has to make an application for getting its unique Tax Identification Number (TIN) with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai. A company can then sign up for the services of a bank, register for Value Added Tax (VAT), and obtain an electricity connection.

It is easier than most people believe to get COMPANY REGISTRATION IN DUBAI with the help of company registration consultants at Dubai Company Formation Agents. Businesses just need to contact us and we will take care of everything for them, trade Development Program (TDP). It is an online service provided by DCCI to help companies find suppliers, customers, financing, and other related services.

The registration process can be done quickly if the forms are filled out correctly and submitted to COMPANY REGISTRATION IN DUBAI. Once the company is registered, it gains access to a number of services that help boost business growth.

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