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buy industrial property in DFW

Are you planning to buy industrial property in DFW? The returns are strong since Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the country’s top markets for industrial real estate. In 2018, it was ranked as the second largest industrial investment market in the country, with over 20 million square feet of warehouse space in the pipeline. More than $4.6 billion in DFW industrial buildings and warehouses changed hands that year, a whopping 53.4% growth over 2017.

In 2020 – two years down the line, things are anticipated to heat up in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. With production and consumption growing at a rapid pace, construction of industrial properties continues to increase as a result. Last year, DFW added over 144 million square feet across 441 industrial properties, and this number is expected to increase by 29% despite the volatile economy and demand-supply fluctuations. As such, industrial property additions in 2020 are expected to be over 186 million square feet across 627 properties.

So, for someone planning to buy industrial property in DFW, there will be an abundance of industrial spaces across the region. Furthermore, close proximity to the airport, excellent access to highways, and world-class industrial facilities are paving the way for lucrative investments in this submarket. More than production facilities, the DFW industrial real estate market is a top choice for distribution, logistics, and warehouse companies.

Most industrial units and buildings in this area are strategically built with superior transportation networks that have bolstered the demand. The growth in corporate supply chain and ecommerce has further fuelled industrial property construction and absorption in Dallas-Fort Worth. All-time low interest rates, healthy market demands, and a huge stir in supply chains globally will drive the demand for more warehouse and manufacturing space in 2020.

Its gigantic size, DFW International Airport, and fast-growing population are the key drivers behind the growth in industrial real estate. Dallas-Fort Worth is also decentralized in structure and has several industrial corridors and nodes that make it a preferred choice for large-scale real estate developments.

To buy industrial property in DFW, seek consultation from an experienced real estate broker like TAG Industrial. They can help you make informed decisions with expert advisory services and a wide variety of industrial properties to choose from.

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