I never trusted a doctor as I do with Novomed’s Doctors. They are very talented, well educated, and have a great experience in their medical field.

4 years ago, I went to that hospital for a quick check-up after having a nosebleed suddenly, and the way they treated me, and the care they gave to me, made me feel like I am at home. And since then, I go every 6 months to their clinics to have the regular health check-up I need.

Before going to Novomed, I used to consult the family doctor who my parents usually call for any incident or sickness. But he was a little bit old-fashioned if we can say so because he is old and he doesn’t care about the new techniques and treatments.

So when I had a nosebleed, I called him for a check-up and he told me that nosebleed is normal sometimes, so I don’t have to worry about it. But, when the nosebleed recurred while working at the office, I knew there was something wrong, and the family doctor won’t be able to diagnose my case correctly.

I asked my colleagues for a brave doctor, and one of them gave me the phone number of her uncle, who is a doctor at Novomed here in Dubai. I called him and told him quickly about is happening to me, and he gave me an appointment the same day in the afternoon.

So I took a half day off and went to the hospital to meet the doctor. When I arrived in Novomed, I was amazed by the team who are kind and friendly, the hygiene of the hospital, and the great organization they have. An assistant helped me to go to the doctor’s clinic, and once I arrived, the doctor welcomed me warmly and asked me about my problem.

I told him about my nosebleed and that it is not my first time, and I think I might have a problem and needed to make sure that everything is ok. So he asked me to do some medical tests and get back to him. I did the required tests and went back to him, he checked the results and told me that I am suffering from hypertension, and this is the reason behind the nosebleed.

He prescribed me some medications and advised me to avoid stress, anger, and pressure because they affect my health. And since then, I only check with the doctor for any problem or issue I face, and I do my regular health check-up in Dubai Novomed clinic, every 6 months.


By Jack Leo

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