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Why Should All Teachers Undertake Orton-Gillingham Certification?

No two kids are ever the same. The essential question is whether a child’s learning capabilities put their learning graph on a downward slope. Can one accommodate the differing requirements of each young individual?

And if so, then how does one do it?

This is where teacher training programs swoop in and make a big difference.

Sure, these training programs are curated to benefit the teachers, putting them up to speed with up-and-coming research and allowing them to scale heights in their careers. But, more importantly, this training ensures that an educator can adequately meet their students’ needs.

It arms the teachers with invaluable methods and skills they can use in the classroom – for the betterment of everyone.

One such training program for teachers is the Orton Gillingham certification. Now, let’s examine three excellent reasons why every teacher must consider undergoing this special training!

Allows better teacher-student connection

The Orton Gillingham teaching approach is primarily built for students struggling with learning disabilities like dyslexia. This approach is based on the one-on-one teaching model. So, since teachers are encouraged to forge meaningful one-on-one connections with their students, they can better understand each individual’s requirements and help them out accordingly.

This, in turn, promotes the idea of creating tailor-made activities for each student.

Eventually, it helps with basically allowing teachers to spend an ample amount of time and attention on every student.

Thus, this Orton Gillingham approach ensures that teachers can bond with their students, identify the areas for growth, and help students face peculiar challenges individually.

It is a research-based, well-remarked approach

Orton Gillingham is a research-based approach developed by educator and psychologist Anna Gillingham and pathologist and neuropsychiatrist Samuel T. Orton. It was formulated in 1930 and is well-respected in the dyslexic community. It’s a tried-and-tested method being used for decades.

With time, this approach has slowly and steadily changed form, and today, it revolves around the specific, individual needs of every struggling student.

The Orton Gillingham Academy sets the standards for this type of training. This institution is committed to creating guidelines and has the authority to provide proper certifications to the teachers.

If you are an educator that keeps up with the changing scenarios in the field of education, you should undertake the Orton Gillingham certification.

Offers great flexibility

One of the prime reasons to obtain this certification is that this method provides an immense level of flexibility in the classroom. It’s a multisensory teaching approach that pushes educators to understand individual needs and create compelling and engaging student activities.

Since no single approach can work for all dyslexic students, this method allows teachers to help the students improve their skills in a way that suits them.

A classroom devoid of rigidity is a room that ensures a collaborative atmosphere that will surely take the dyslexic students far.

Wrapping up

Suppose you are an ambitious educator that genuinely loves the art of teaching and wants to make learning a beautiful process for kids with learning disabilities. In that case, the Orton Gillingham method is it!

It is a thoroughly researched approach, well-liked in the dyslexic community. It allows you to formulate meaningful, high-spirited connections with the students. Moreover, this method’s flexibility ensures that a classroom genuinely becomes a place of honest learning!, pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0