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ss hinges

Stainless Steel (ss) hinges find many applications in the mechanical engineering industry. The devices provide excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. In addition, they come in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, the hinges can withstand wear and tear and distribute weight evenly to lower the stress on the attached component.

SS hinges can give you multiple benefits, such as higher resistance to rust and corrosion and tremendous strength. And the hinges find applications in several industries, such as transportation, medicine, food industry, and construction.

Benefits of SS Hinges

Now, let us discover the key benefits of SS Hinges for your business:

They Stay Visibile

SS hinges are aesthetically appealing. And at the same time, they stay visible, enabling you to spot them easily.

Moreover, the hinges have different surface finishes. So, the hinges can remain shiny and are easy to clean.

Given the easy-to-clean features, the hinges find extensive uses in the pharmaceuticals industry, the food industry and hospitals. Moreover, they reduce replacement costs due to their durability and low maintenance.

Can Withstand Low and High-Temperature

SS Hinges can resist low and high temperatures. And there are some grades of stainless steel that can resist scaling while maintaining durable strength even at extremely high temperatures. Moreover, the hinges exhibit exceptional robustness at low temperatures.

Exceptional Weight to Strength Advantage

As the hinges are made of stainless steel, they are endowed with exceptional weight to strength advantage. So, the material can be used in a much thinner thickness than other graded metals. As such, it results in cost savings. In addition, the ease of fabrication is another advantage that allows you to cut, fabricate, machine, or weld quickly.

Check the Regulatory Standards Beforehand

An important aspect to note before purchasing SS hinges is that they conform to the compliance requirements. You should choose the correct hinges to help you operate with industry-specific regulations. Moreover, you should ensure that your hinges are made of the right material grade to meet specific industry standards.

The construction material for SS hinges is stainless steel. Net Password  As a result, it has a high level of corrosion resistance and withstanding harsh cleaning agents and exposure to contamination.

You should refrain from buying SS hinges if openings or sharp corners can cause an injury or accident in environments in motion, like ambulance interiors.

You should choose SS hinges with optional covers to help prevent exposure to injury. Such hinges shield sharp edges and provide a smooth, seamless surface.

What are Lever Handles

Like the Hinges, Lever handles are another essential device for the mechanical engineering industry. And the handles find many uses in various sectors, ranging from packaging to office equipment.

The basic working principle of lever handles involves efficient tightening and loosening of screws by turning the handle.

There are different types of lever handles, such as flat lever handles, levers with spherical knobs, clamping nuts with double levers, ratchet spanners and split hubs.

But, you need to ensure to purchase good quality lever handles suited the best for your industrial applications.

You can choose a lever handle made of cast iron for heavy applications. And, you can choose a lever handle made of super-technopolymer with stainless steel inserts that allow quick and secure clamping.


But, you have to do the due diligence in choosing the right supplier of the devices. If you select the wrong supplier, you will get substandard devices that can erode the competitiveness of your business.

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